5 Useful Web Apps You Should Start Using Now

Unlike desktop apps, web apps run in your browser, and you can access them regardless of what device you are on, as the only thing they require to properly function is your browser. There have been a number of such apps launching recently, and these help you get many tasks done without requiring you to install anything on your computer.

In the following roundup we have covered five web apps that you should be using, as some of these will let you do the tasks that you thought only software could do.

Saltify is the refreshingly simple secret sharing tool that allows you to share your secrets with whoever you want in an encrypted way.

Wireflow is a free online tool for creating beautiful wireframes and user flows. It works inside your browser and lets you create any kind of user flows you want.

Who is mining checks to see if a website is secretly mining cryptocurrency and abusing visitors’ CPU power. It works inside a browser and doesn’t require an installation.

Minute Pocket will calculate the reading time for each of your articles and add tags next to it. It just takes a second to add.

As a free online logo maker, DesignEvo allows everyone to create custom logos without installing any software or paying thousands of dollars to hire a designer. In minutes you can customize a logo that best suits your needs – no professional design skills are needed.

Our Software Section is loaded with a number of web apps that you can start using from your browser right away to take advantage of the many features they offer. Check them out and let us know what app helped you the most and also if there are any apps we should add.