5 of the Best Home Innovation Gadgets to Keep Your House Safe

Technology is getting more advanced as each day passes. If you take a look around you, you can easily see that a lot of stuff is now digitalized and can be done with a snap of the fingers. And for your home, you can now control your house wirelessly using some of the best home innovation gadgets. These home innovation gadgets control your home with built-in security systems and will make your wok simpler than ever.


Ring is the one which replaces your default doorbell. You can talk to visitors without opening the door. It has smart motion detection, HD Video and cloud recording. Ring provides you with a good level of security when someone arrives (and you could be outside) by notifying you and allows you to speak with them.

Ring smart home innovation

You can see the person you are talking to, but they cannot see you. You can pretend you are in the house even when you are outside. Your mobile receives alerts regarding any activity using the built-in motion sensors.

August Smart Lock

August is the smart lock for your home. You do not need any keys to lock or unlock your house. August smart lock connects to your mobile through Wi-Fi and it detects you when you are nearby and unlocks itself. The most interesting part of this smart lock is you can provide access to select people, and only they can enter your house restricting others. This is really a good step from a security point of view. This is done by issuing the smart key, and it can be allotted for different times, such as 24 X 7, for a week or even for a few hours.

August Smart Lock home innovation

Even if the power or Wi-Fi goes down, it updates you using batteries. If the life of batteries is running down, then it sends you reminders. Right from your phone, you can see who entered and exited your house and what they had done at that particular time. It updates you every time to keep you and your home safe.


The only condition for this is: don’t lose your phone.


Piper is the new way of video monitoring, home security and home automation. This lets you keep an eye on your home when you are away right from your mobile. It has 180 live HD Camera which allows you to watch what is happening in your house whenever you want from your mobile. You can even control lights and other home appliances using this.

Piper Home Security

Whenever someone enters your property or opens the door, it notifies you through notifications. It even sends video if needed. It keeps your home safe when you are away.

Wally Home

Wally Home is a revolutionary home sensing system. It lets you track water leaks, moisture, humidity and temperature. Place Wally Home gadgets around your house and it notifies you when something like change of temperature or humidity, or water leaks happen inside your house. We love and invest a lot in our house and Wally Home allows us to keep it safe and clean. You can connect Wally Home to your Wi-Fi and it sends you notifications to your mobile or tablet through an app.

Wally Home smart innovation

When there is any issue as specified before, it sends you the detailed issue and also the location in your house. It looks simple, but it is very smart and easy to use.

Nest – The Learning Thermostat

Nest Thermostat is entirely different from your normal thermostat. With the normal thermostat, you need to manually change the temperature every time, and it is quite irritating. If you forget to change it, then your heating and cooling bills will be high. You can solve these problems with the self learning thermostat – Nest. This allows you to change the value by moving the ring, and it starts learning. It observes the values you have set for a week, and it starts to set itself by preparing the schedule.

Nest The Learning Thermostat

You can even operate it from the mobile using the app through Wi-Fi. You can adjust the temperature in your home even when you are far away. It helps you to reduce your heating and cooling bills by twenty percent. It turns in to energy efficient mode when you are away from your home and it adjusts itself automatically. This is one of the best home innovations.


These are some of the best home innovations which keep your home secured by making them smart. You can operate appliances in your home right from your mobile or tablet with just an app. These innovations are really helpful when you are away from your home. What do you think about these gadgets? Are you keen to have them in your house?

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