Funny and Useful Google Now Commands

Funny and Useful Google Now Commands

Google Now, Android’s voice assistant, isn’t much of a talker like Siri for iOS or Cortana for Windows. If we try to pull its leg, it will do a simple Google Search of what we said instead of saying something sassy. But these funny and useful Google Now commands for Android will show how smart this smartphone assistant really is.

Useful Google Now Commands

Start each command with “OK Google” to activate it and follow up with one of the following commands.

Turn On Flashlight: That is all you have to say to get Google now to turn on/off the flashlight. If you have an app that does this, it will show you that instead.

Turn WiFi or Bluetooth On/Off: Just say “turn on Bluetooth” (or WiFi), and it will automatically turn on/off Bluetooth or WiFi. If it doesn’t have the capability, it will bring you to where you can finish the commands. You save yourself some screen tapping either way.

Play Music: When you give it this command, it will play a random song (via Google Music). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work with third party apps.

Open Apps: With this command you have to specify what app you want to open. For example, you can say “Open Evernote” or “Open Telegram.”

Change the Brightness and Volume: If you want to take a shortcut to these settings, these are the words you have to say to adjust your settings to your liking.

Set Alarm: Just say these words and Google Now will ask you what time. This is very useful if you are so lazy you don’t even have the energy to do it manually. I have done it this way many times myself.

Take a Picture or Record a Video: If you ever need to take quickly a picture and don’t have time to go through all the steps, this is a very handy command.

What is French for (English word you want to be translated): Let’s say you want to know how to say Food in French, just use these words and you will get an instant translation.

What’s the Tip for 100 Dollars: This is very useful when you’re at your favorite restaurant and don’t feel like doing the math. By knowing how much to leave you will make the waiter or waitress euphoric.


Show Me Picture I Took in Los Angeles: If you ever run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while and want to show him or her your L.A pictures, you can save a lot of time with this command. It will show you the pictures you have uploaded to Google Photos.

What song is This: With this command you will never be left with the questions of who sang that song and what the name of it was. This is a very helpful feature to prevent you from going crazy trying to identify the song.

What’s the Number for Hulu Customer Service: This command is also a time saver if you ever need to get in contact with any business and need the number fast.

Flip a Coin: Very handy when you don’t have one around.

Funny Google Now Commands


Feeling silly? Ask Google the following:

What Does the Fox Say?: If you want a good laugh, try this one out.

What is Better: Android or iPhone?: Goog Now apparently takes a side here with the results it shows you.


Make Me a Sandwich: Google now gets a little sassy here.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die: Google Now does not doubt who did it.

Ok, Google, When Am I?: Make sure to say OK Google again with the question. I have never had Google insult me like it does here.

Ok Google, What Is Your Favorite Color: Make sure you say the entire phrase, and you will see what it has to say.

Beam Me Up Scotty: This one always makes me laugh.


As you can see, Google Now has its sense of humor as well; you just have to know what to say to it. With the right commands it also knows when to take things seriously. If you liked the article, please give it a share and let us know which commands are your favorites in the comments.

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