12 Useful Bots to Get the Most Out of Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for a reason. It offers quite a few useful features such as messages that can self-destruct and fantastic stickers. Adding to that, Telegram also supports bots that you can use to access all sorts of information and tools. The number of bots you can use is quite extensive, and that’s why bookmarking this article is a good idea since you can use it as a reference for later.


If you like getting the latest news on what’s trending, then this is a bot you’re likely to use a lot. By just typing “@nowtrendingbot,” you’ll get the news of what everyone is talking about.


2. @wiki

The next time you want to send someone information on just about anything you know, you can use the “@wiki” bot. Let’s say you want to send information about Ferraris, just type in “@wiki Ferrari,” and swipe up for more details.

3. @vid

Whenever you feel like watching videos, you don’t have to leave Telegram. For example, you can type “@vid S8” and swipe up when the results appear. You can choose from a large variety of videos.

4. @imdb

In the mood for a movie but don’t know which one to watch? Not to worry, there’s a bot for that, too. Type “@imdb” and you’ll automatically see a list of what movies are playing. If you want information on a particular movie, you can type the name of the movie after @imdb. Make sure to have a space between the bot and the name of the movie.


5. @udbot

Did your friend just use a word you’re not familiar with? Instead of having to admit you don’t know what that word means, quickly look it up by using the “@udbot (the word here).” Swipe up and read up!

6. @spotybot

Summing it up, Spoty is the Telegram version of Spotify. Type “@spotybot,” and then the name of either an artist or song. Just like before, you’ll get a list of songs by that artist, and when you tap on a song, you send the other person a 30-second preview of the song.

7. @bold

There are times when you want certain text to stand out. To get that mission accomplished, type “@bold” and you’ll see three options: Bold, Italic and Fixedsys. Type what you want to be in these styles and press enter.


9. @gif

What message wouldn’t be complete without a GIF, right? The next time you want to say something with a GIF, type “@gif,” space and what you want the GIF to be about. After that, just choose the GIF you want.

10. @storebot

Telegram has a long list of bots for you to choose from. If you want to explore more options than the ones you see on this list, this is the place to go. By typing “@storebot,” you can see all the bots the app has to offer, and you can also send the link to somebody.

11. @gamebot

Who doesn’t like playing games, right? The next time you want to play a game without leaving Telegram, type “@gamebot” and choose what you want to play. A word of warning: they are not going to be HD Assasin’s Creed-type games, but they will help you pass the hours.


12. @voicybot

You’re dead tired from work, and your friend won’t stop messaging you. For those times when you don’t feel like typing at all, use the “@voicybot” bot. Once you type the command, tap Send, and then tap on the link that will take you to the chat thread where it gets the job done.

With this useful tool, you can record your voice in its chat thread, and it will turn the audio into text. It saves you from having to do all that typing.


I would have to write a novel to cover all the great bots Telegram has to offer. The next time you have some free time on your hands, don’t forget to check out these useful bots. Did I miss your favorite? If so, mention which one in the comments.

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  2. Just test https://t.me/RemindMegaBot

    ⏰ You can enter reminders in your own words!
    For example, “call the boss in 20 minutes”, “dentist on Monday at 18”, “13-30 lunch”, “tax office tomorrow at 14”, “on 16 September at 10.20 post office”, “17.04.2017 at 9:15 congratulate a colleague on his birthday”, “draw up the documents wednesday morning”, “may 9 at 7 pm buy tickets”, “every day at 6 pm go home”, “every wed at 5-30 pm gym training”, “every may 30 at 10 anniversary!”.
    In group chat you should add the bot name. For example: @RemindMegaBot in 10 min planning meeting.

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