12 Useful Android Chrome Flags You Should Enable

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Chrome is the default browser in Android. Though it is pretty good out of the box, there are quite a lot of useful features hidden and disabled. Using Chrome Flags, you can easily enable these features and improve your browsing experience. This list shows some of the best Chrome flags and shows you how to enable them.

How to Enable Chrome Flags

Before getting to know the useful Chrome flags, you should know how to enable the flags you are interested in. Enabling flags in the Chrome browser is pretty easy. Just copy the URL of the Chrome flag you want to enable, paste it in the address bar and tap on the Go button. Under the flag, select “Enable” from the drop-down menu and relaunch the browser.

Note: depending on what Android and Chrome version you are using, some flags might not be available for your device.

1. Modern Media Controls

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-modern-media-controls

Android Chrome Flag Video Player Controls

The built-in video player in the Chrome browser is pretty basic. In fact, the default player doesn’t even have gesture controls. With this flag you can enable native gesture controls like double-tapping for pause and play, fast-forward and backward, etc.

2. New Context Menu

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-custom-context-menu

Android Chrome Flag Dynamic Context Menu

Unlike the regular long-press context menu, this new flag shows a dynamic context menu with appropriate options depending on the long-press item.

3. Parallel Downloading

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading

Android Chrome Flag Parallel Downloading

If you regularly download large files using Chrome, this new Chrome flag can help you increase the download speed. With parallel downloading, Chrome tries to initiate multiple connections so that it can download the file in multiple parts at the same time and join them at the end.

4. Sneak Peek

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-tab

Android Chrome Flag Sneak Peek

If you ever wondered what’s behind a link, then you can use the new Sneak Peek feature. Using this feature, you can take a quick peek at the link before fully opening it.

5. Reader Mode

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#reader-mode-heuristics

Android Chrome Flag Reader Mode

If you are reading a long article or if there are a lot of distractions on the page, you can use the new reader mode flag to simplify the view. To enable the reader mode, select either “Always” or “All Articles” from the drop-down menu and relaunch the browser. From now on you will see a new option titled “Simplified View” at the bottom. Tap on it, and the page will reload in reader mode.

6. Search Ready Omnibox

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-search-ready-omnibox

When you tap on the Chrome search bar, if there is already a URL in it, Chrome browser just highlights the URL. You have to manually tap on the little X icon to clear the omnibox. This flag allows Chrome to do it for you. This eliminates the need to manually clear the omnibox each and every time.

7. Chrome Duet

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-duet

Android Chrome Flag Chrome Duet

Smartphones nowadays are massive. Unless you have long fingers, it is almost impossible to access all four corners of the screen with one hand. When you enable this flag, Chrome will shift all the necessary controls like the search button, options button, tab switcher, etc., to the bottom of the screen for better one-handed use.

8. Dark Mode

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-android-night-mode

Chrome has a built-in dark mode and can be easily activated by enabling this flag. Keep in mind that it is not yet fully completed, which simply means you might see some inconsistencies here and there, but it’s pretty good.

9. Mute Tabs

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#sound-content-setting

It can be quite annoying when websites automatically start to play videos with audio. Generally, you have to use the volume button to reduce the level of the volume. However, by enabling this flag, Chrome gives you a simple option to quickly mute the tab site wide.

10. Block Redirects

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture

One of the most annoying things about mobile web pages is that they often try to redirect you without any reason or warning. If you don’t like this behavior, then enable this flag.

11. List Opened Tabs

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-tab-switcher

Android Chrome Flag Compact Tabs

Generally, when you tap on the tab switcher icon, Chrome shows all the tabs in the card layout. This is pretty good if you only have a couple of tabs. However, if you open multiple tabs, the default tab switching layout is not that intuitive. By enabling this flag, you can force Chrome to show a simple list of tabs rather than the cards.

12. Scroll Anchoring

Flag URL: chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchor-serialization

Often, Chrome has a habit of page jumping. This is especially true when scrolling long pages with a lot of text. Once you enable this flag, the page-jumping issue will be resolved.

If you think we missed any of your favorite Android Chrome flags, then comment below and share them.

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