5 Extremely Useful Android Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Google Play Store is home to a whole slew of apps. From time wasting games to powerful image editors to social media networks, your phone can keep you connected, entertained and productive.

That being said, most people are only familiar with popular apps from big-name developers. However, there are tons of developers who are creating some seriously useful apps. Some of these apps are so clever, so useful, you won’t even know you need them until you install them.

Smart Lens


Smart Lens is a high-speed OCR text recognition app. In layman’s terms, Smart Lens is a text scanner. Copying large amounts of text by simply typing it into your device can be a hassle. Photographing the text is an option, but it doesn’t keep URLs in tact. Luckily, there is a better option. Smart Lens can scan the text with high accuracy. The text is then copied to your device’s clipboard, complete with URL links and phone numbers. This text can then be pasted into an email, messaging app, etc. Smart Lens makes copying text fast and convenient.



Most folks don’t carry a ruler or tape measure around wherever they go. Our smartphones, however, are rarely out of reach. Fortunately, Measure┬áis a simple, well-designed app that turns your smartphone into a ruler. Simply slide your finger along the incremental measurements to obtain super accurate measurements down to a fraction of an inch. In addition, the Measure app is capable of measuring in both metric and imperial units. Furthermore, Measure is completely free with zero ads and no permissions required.



Anyone who makes videos needs to check this one out. Selvi is an app that provides an overlay that acts as an onscreen teleprompter. Selvi allows users to type up their video transcripts. These transcripts will then appear on the screen when recording. Users can finally say goodbye to bloopers and filler words like “um,” “er” and “ah.” Instead, Selvi users will be able to produce more professional videos thanks to clear, direct speech.

Send Anywhere

Transferring files between devices can be a bit of a hassle. You could always copy your files to a computer and then transfer them to the other phone. However, this can be time-consuming, not to mention inconvenient.

You could email the files; however, most email clients impose a small file size limit, usually only in megabytes. This means that large files are out of the question. And if you want to send numerous files via email, it can quickly turn into a tedious slog.


Fortunately, Send Anywhere allows users to send various types of files to other phones via direct WiFi. To get started, select the files you want to send from within the app. Send Anywhere then generates a QR code and a pin number. The recipient simply scans the QR code or punches in the PIN to initiate the download.



Public speaking can be really hard. The thought of mispronouncing a word can leave people with sweaty palms and bouts of anxiety. If you have a big meeting or presentation coming up and don’t want to embarrass yourself by mispronouncing words, the aptly-named Pronounce app has you covered.

Pronounce is a text-to-speech app. Simply type in a word, and Pronounce will tell you how to pronounce it properly. You can even hear words in different accents from around the world! Furthermore, the app works offline and is completely free.

What are some of the ingenious apps that you feel like you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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