How to Use Windows PowerShell to Batch Uninstall Modern Apps

Windows 8 comes pre-packaged with a handful of default apps that serve just about every purpose you’d need in the latest Microsoft OS. For most users, they’ve found alternatives to handle functions or simply want to avoid utilizing what Microsoft has to offer. You can use Windows PowerShell to batch uninstall Windows 8 apps and utilize Windows 8 the way you want.

While you could manually uninstall each app one-by-one, this can be time consuming and frustrating. PowerShell lets you do this in one go, which is much quicker and less tedious than uninstalling apps manually.

1. Head to the Windows 8 Start Screen and search for “PowerShell.” You’ll find it under Apps.


2. Right-click “Windows PowerShell” to open its context menu and click on “Run as Administrator.”


3. Depending on your security settings, you may need to give Windows 8 permission to run PowerShell as an Administrator.


Click “Yes” to do so or if the warning doesn’t appear from the UAC, just head to the next step.


4. Type in the following:


This will load all the data on the default apps pre-loaded with Windows 8 which the next command will use to batch uninstall them from your computer.

5. Type in the following to begin the batch uninstall process through PowerShell:


Once this starts, there’s no way to interrupt it. It may take a few minutes depending on your system to run through the batch uninstall in Windows 8. At the moment, there’s no script available that lets you pick and choose which default apps are uninstalled through this method.

When finished, you’ll see the script entry command show up in the PowerShell window.

Head to the Start Screen and you’ll see how empty it looks.


Only apps and programs you installed beyond the Windows 8 default apps will appear in the Start Screen.

Unfortunately, any time you create a new Local or Microsoft Account, some of the default apps will show up again. You can either run the following script or simply let whoever is using the account to choose what to keep.

6. If you want to avoid this, enter the following script into the PowerShell window:

There will be no confirmation that this is complete, you’ll just be returned to the script entry command prompt once finished.

If you want any of the default apps back on your Windows 8 machine, you’ll need to manually re-install them through the Windows Store. For now, there’s no PowerShell script to re-install these apps like how they were removed.

Batch uninstall the default apps through PowerShell is the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of the Microsoft bloatware that comes with Windows 8. PowerShell is, for a lack of a better term, a very powerful tool for any user and batch uninstalling apps is just one way it helps makes Windows 8 more efficient.