How to Use Widgets on Your iPhone

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Widgets provide a great way for you to quickly view information and receive updates from apps or websites that are important to you. On your iPhone, this feature is only available in recent iOS versions and a lot of people are still not aware of it, or what they can do with it. Initially widgets were confined to the Notification Centre only, but with iOS 10, they got their own separate page under “Today View,” which is accessible when you swipe right on the lock screen or the first page of your home screen.

You can easily customize “Today View” and add useful widgets to your iPhone by following the instructions below.

1. To open the widget screen on your iOS page, swipe right on your lock screen. This should automatically present the “Today View” page, which will include the default widgets offered by Apple.

Widgets Ios Swipe Right

Alternatively, if your device is unlocked, simply swipe right on the first page of your home screen. You can also open the Notification Centre (by swiping down from the top-left of the screen) and swiping right to reveal the “Today View” screen.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Edit.”

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3. You’ll see a list of all available widgets on your iOS device. You can add any of the available widgets from the list.

4. To add a widget, simply click on the green “+” icon next to it. The widget will be added to the active widget list on the top of the page.

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5. To rearrange the widget order on the “Today View” page, simply drag them into your desired order by selecting the drag icon next to each widget.

Widgets Ios Rearrange

6. To remove a widget, click on the red “-” icon next to the widget in the list and tap on “Remove.”

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Widgets allow you to view important information quickly as well as allow you to carry out tasks quickly. Apple’s default offering is quite extensive, and you can download custom widgets from the App Store. What’s your favorite widget to use on your iPhone? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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