How to Use WhatsApp on Your Mac

Whatsapp, the world’s most popular messaging service, has over 800 monthly active users worldwide as of April 2015. Unfortunately though, the app is only available for smartphone, and even though it has a web version, it isn’t a good replacement for the desktop app. And with other messaging platforms such as iMessage, Viber, etc. already having desktop apps available, the WhatsApp omission is a weird one.

Now, if you do indeed want an app for WhatsApp on your Mac OS X, you may want to check out WhatsMac. WhatsMac is basically a free download from GitHub, and it takes WhatsApp and brings it to the Mac in the form of an app that looks and feels like Apple’s own iMessage.


With the above-mentioned app, Mac users will be able to use all WhatsApp features: sending and receiving audio, video, images and text. Users must sync their active WhatsApp accounts with their phones to start using WhatsMac. Notifications of new messages are received through the OS X Notification Centre, so that’s another plus, too.

Currently, media uploading doesn’t work except for drag-and-drop, but you can at least have proper conversations using the app on your Mac, right? It’s not much of a loss.

For those who are curious how this works, WhatsMac is actually a wrapper to the web-based WhatsApp messenger client, but it’s so well done that you probably won’t notice that. The app is also open source, so if you’re interested, you can even poke around and see how the whole thing works, interacting with WhatsApp on the Web. You’ll need to scan the QR code from a compatible WhatsApp mobile app to get it working (if there is a way around that, let us know, since that is a limitation for iPhone users).

On your phone, click on “Settings” in Whatsapp and select “Whatsapp Web.” There you’ll have the option to scan a QR code. Scan the code that is presented by WhatsMac to sync both apps together.


Currently, as we understand, the method doesn’t support iPhone users yet. We haven’t tested it out on an iPhone ourselves, so we can’t confirm that. Do let us know about that in the Comments section below.

Unfortunately, if you’re waiting and hopeful of a native OS X app for Whatsapp, it isn’t looking like there is any possibility for that in the near future. Facebook, the current owner of Whatsapp, doesn’t offer a native app for Windows/OS X users. This makes it hard to believe that the social media site will be doing anything for its subsidiary, what it hasn’t done for itself, anytime soon.


Still, nobody knows if one day we might see the arrival of native desktop apps for both the aforementioned services, maybe even sometime soon.

You can download WhatsMac from GitHub, but be sure to use it at your own discretion, especially if you’re using an iPhone. Also, be sure to tell us whether it worked for you in the Comments section below and also mention how you found the overall design and functionality of the app.


  1. Seems to be working just fine. One or two missing features but for basic chat it is perfect. Been using for 3 days now.

  2. Great trick it’s perfectly working for me and it is also useful for those who are using mac and also i want to know on how to get whatsapp for your tablet if this information is there help me!

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