Use Your Webcam With Multiple Programs Simultaneously

Do you love to video chat with friends? Do you spend a good amount of time chatting with random strangers at, Skype or other free internet chat rooms that support video chatting ?

If yes, then ManyCam is a brilliant webcam application which you will love using.

ManyCam lets you use your webcam with multiple applications simultaneously. After you have installed ManyCam, you can stream the video capture to multiple applications or devices.

Let’s say you are recording a video from the webcam and want to stream the same video recording to one of your Skype friends, parallely. Normally, only one application is allowed to access the webcam hardware at any given instance of time.

ManyCam acts an intermediate between the webcam and the applications accessing it, allowing multiple applications to use the webcam at the same time (supports Yahoo, MSN, CamFrog, PalTalk, ICQ, Skype, YouTube and more). You can also add text, colors and other graphical effects to the webcam video window.


Download Manycam and install it on your computer. The program is a free download and works with Windows and Mac. Once the installation is completed, run the application and double click the system tray icon to launch the “Options” window.

From the Options window, you can configure the tool as per your requirements. This includes adjusting the webcam brightness, contrast, color depth. Following is a set of features that I thought makes the tool a complete solution for every webcam problem and enhancement.


To control the webcam parameters, go to “Properties” -> sources -> cameras -> choose camera -> properties“.

Here you can zoom the webcam to get a clearer view if you want to show something on the webcam. The flipping options are useful when you have your webcam showing inverted videos due to some faulty configurations with the device. Should you want to use your laptop’s inbuilt webcam and a USB webcam parallely, ManyCam will let you choose and switch webcams with the touch of a button.


Although Manycam selects your webcam out of the box, there are quite a few other things which you can share as your webcam video.

  • You can stream movies as a webcam video – simply open the video file in ManyCam window and your friends can directly see the video clip streamed from the webcam window.
  • You can take snapshots with your webcam and they can be set as your webcam’s output.
  • You can share your desktop for a video demonstration. To do this, choose the source as “Desktop” and then select the portion of the screen which you want to be streamed as your webcam video.
  • ManyCam also supports playlists, all the above streaming options can be combined produce a unique video streaming effect.


What’s impressive regarding ManyCam is the Effects panel which lets you add a wide number of color and graphic effects (found under the Effects tab in the Options window). Here are some example effects I applied to my webcam window using ManyCam:


You can add date, time and even draw on your webcam’s video stream. You can configure it to start as the Windows starts or if you choose, it will only be launched once any application is requesting for a webcam access.

All in all, ManyCam is one of my favorite applications for adding effects to the Webcam window, playing with graphics and custom texts and using the cam with multiple apps at any given point of time. Give this a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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