Use WALTR 2 to Transfer Files Instead of iTunes

Having to rely on iTunes to shuttle files back and forth between your computer and your iPhone can be a pain. But what do you do if you just don’t trust saving things to the cloud? WALTR 2 could be your solution. Without the use of iTunes, a wireless connection, the cloud, or converters, you’ll be able to drag and drop music, ringtones, videos, PDFs, and ePUB files to Apple devices. It also features automatic file conversion for audio and video and content recognition. Along with mobile devices, it also works with iPods. Forbes says, “If you regularly transfer your own files – WALTR 2 could make your life a lot easier.”

  • Connects to any Apple mobile device or iPod
  • Recognizes and fills in data for title, genre, description, etc.
  • Converts unsupported formats for seamless playback, retaining quality
  • Enables nearby iOS devices for wireless transfer
  • Plays all audio in the pre-installed Music app
  • Plays all video in the default Videos app
  • Uploads easily with Apple Music integration
  • Allows you to use full songs as M4R ringtones by changing the extension
  • Allows for the uploading of ePUB and PDF files to iBooks
  • Hosts M4B audiobook playback
  • Automatically recognizes and re-encodes metadata

Transfer all your files more easily for less than $20.


Bonus: XXL Shower Speaker


Everyone likes to sing in the shower; it can make them sound like they’re reading to record their own album. For that reason you want to have a shower speaker that sounds just as good. With the XXL Shower Speaker, you’re treated to an upgraded audio chipset that provides three watts of sound. It offers twice the power and twice the size of standard shower speakers. Using Bluetooth to connect, It also has a larger battery, allowing you to only need to charge it once a month, meaning more shower singing time for you.

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XXL Shower Speaker

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