QuickClick – Use Your Volume Buttons Like Never Before [Android]

QuickClick - Use Your Volume Buttons Like Never Before

Having shortcuts set up can save us a lot of time. Actions such as turning on the flashlight in an emergency, activating the camera for a quick picture or recording a quick audio note are necessary at any given moment, so having them handy is always a good thing.

An app that will help you do all sorts of things by only using your Android device’s volume buttons is QuickClick. It’s a free app that you can download right now at Google Play. It will let you do things such as turn on your device’s flashlight by only pressing the volume up button (only if you set it up that way, of course).

What You Can Do with QuickClick

QuickClick lets you do all sorts of things with your volume buttons, things such as take a picture, record a video, turn on the flashlight, record an audio note, make a call, dictate a message, open any app you have installed on your device and activate a task in Tasker.


When you first launch the app you will see a big blue cross with the words “Create a new action” next to it. By tapping it, you will be taken a list of things you can set up a combination for.


For example, let’s say you want to set a volume button combination to take a picture. Select that option and you will need to choose whether you want this combination to be for the front- or rear-facing camera, the picture quality, and if you want the flash on. You can also choose if you want the autofocus on, the image path, if you wish to see a preview or if you wish to open the picture in the gallery.


If you set up a combination for the flashlight, the first thing it’s going to ask you to do is to decide how long you want the flashlight on. I think this is a great feature because it gives you the freedom to decide how long you want it on. That way you can quickly finish what you were doing without losing that much-needed light. You can choose between 0 and 600 seconds (10 minutes). You can also choose the duration of the videos you record as well.

When you have everything set up the way you want, just tap on ready. The next step is going to be to select the volume button combination you want for that action. You can choose combinations of up to six buttons, but that would defeat the purpose of a shortcut, don’t you think?

What Settings has to Offer

In settings you can set the app to only run when your phone is on so it can save battery. You have other options such as to allow the app to run when music is playing, when a call comes in, and when the device is booted. QuickClick can also be set up to unlock the screen and restore the volume after each combination.

Remember that you set the interval between the clicks, and you can choose between a black or white theme. It may not be the most useful feature, but it’s definitely my favorite that you can also add a button combination to hear the Star Wars theme or the sound of a whip. But, if you have the file of your favorite sound on your device, you can also add a combination for that.


With QuickClick, you can add volume button combinations for all sorts of actions. With this handy app, you will save some valuable time that you can use on more important things. Let us know what combinations you have come up with in the comments.

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