Use the Webcam of Your Computer as a Surveillance Camera

Are you sick and tired of your roommate or simply anyone at your home using your computer? Installing a CCTV camera in your room may not be the most feasible solution. Thanks to modern technology and smartphones, there are a handful of applications available that can help you track down and record who uses your laptop using your smartphone.

However, most of the apps you will come across will cost you or may not work properly. If you want to use the webcam of your computer as a surveillance camera with the aide of your smartphone, try AtHome Video Streamer.

Athome Video Streamer is a very handy tool that is available for all popular platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. After installing the app on both your computer and smartphone, you can use your computer as a surveillance camera. In the free version, you can record up to 15 minutes of recording per day, and it’s limited to one connection ID. If you want to make use of more CIDs and unlimited recording, you have to purchase the Pro version. The Pro version is currently available for iOS devices only, but the developer plans on releasing it for other platforms as well.

Setting Up Athome Video Streamer on Your Computer

Point your web browser to the download page of Athome Video Streamer and download the software. Installing the software is pretty simple and straightforward; just launch the setup and follow on screen instructions.

When you launch it for the first time, it will ask you to give the computer a name and set up a username and password.


After registration it will take you to the main Athome Video Streamer page and will give you a Connection ID (CID) that will be used later.


Using your Smartphone to View the Surveillance

Install Athome Video Streamer Free on your device (I will be using my iPhone to view the surveillance video). After installing, it will show you a welcome screen from where you can add the camera. Tap the Add button.


Enter the CID from the application and login with the credentials you created in step 1.


It will show you the list of cameras. In the free version, you can only add one CID. Tap on it and you will have access to your computer’s camera to view live streaming of your webcam.



If you want, you can even schedule recording for a certain time period. Additionally, it can work via the motion detector. When the motion exceeds the specified sensitivity level, it automatically start the recording and will stop thirty seconds after the motion falls below the specified level.


From the settings, you can change the name of the camera, change frame rate and other basic settings as well.



Athome Video Streamer is a very handy app that can help you use your computer as a surveillance camera instead of having to purchase other costly equipment. Additionally, you have the option of remaining totally free with that version, or you can purchase the Pro version for $7.99.

Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried AtHome Video Streamer or a similar app setup.

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