How to Use a Smartphone as a Portable Writing Station


If you’ve ever tried to write long passages using a touchscreen keyboard, you may have found that it was very uncomfortable and frustrating to do. If you want to type while you’re on the go, you may be tempted to get a laptop or a smartphone with a physical keyboard. Before you buy anything, however, consider the idea of converting your current smartphone into a writing station. Of course, this won’t be using the touch keyboard at all; we’re going to instead convert the phone into a miniature writing station!

In order to do this, you’ll need the following:

A Good Phone Case/Stand


Smartphones are media savants; they can play music, stream YouTube videos, and act as miniature screens for movies. As such, there are phone cases designed to both protect the phone and act as a stand when unfolded. That way when you’re typing away, you don’t have to hold the phone at all; simply prop it up on its stand and type with your hands free.

It’s very important not to rush out and buy the first case you see! Mobile phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re going to need a case that specifically states it fits your phone. Otherwise, you may be left disappointed!


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9, LK’s case comes in some very nice colors and keeps the phone well-protected; it’s also very easy to fold into a stand for easy typing on the go.


For iPhone X owners, ESR’s entry in the market has a great feature of being able to stand the phone horizontally or vertically. It’s also very sleek and ridged to help prevent slipping.

For Google Pixel 2 XL users, try Newseego’s case. This has a handy ring stand that can rotate 360 degrees to suit how you want to stand it. It’s also at a great price, so you don’t have to shell out too much to try this style of typing!

A Good Bluetooth Keyboard


Now that the phone is free-standing, it’s time to do something about that touch keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards have a similar feel to a “regular” one, and as such, make for a much better way to type than on a touch keyboard. Do a search for a good Bluetooth keyboard and pick one up. Make sure your phone can accept Bluetooth devices before getting one!


If you’re stuck on finding a keyboard, we reviewed a very nice model from Inateck not too long ago. It’s slim, lightweight, and has some great shortcuts to maximise productivity.

If that’s not to your liking, Arteck’s keyboards are a great way to get a stellar piece of kit without spending too much money. It has a changeable backlight color, six months battery life, and feels great to type on – all for under $20!

If you’re picky with size, Jelly Comb’s entry into the Bluetooth keyboard market is a fantastic option. It folds out as three separate panels for a decently-sized keyboard and folds back in to itself when it’s time to travel.

A Good Word Processor


So now we have the stand and something to type on, but what are we typing into? Thankfully, there’s a whole host of word processors out there that are designed for heavy-duty writing. They come with a wide range of features, such as advanced formatting functionality and cloud saving, so you’ll want to explore them until you find the one that fits your workflow best.


Writer Plus is a full word processing kit designed to work smoothly with mobile devices. It’s very lightweight and has some easy organisation options to help keep everything collected.

JotterPad takes a more creative stance, making itself suitable for story and poetry writers. It has some nice font options and the ability to save to the cloud to help back up that novel you’re writing.

For a more familiar word processor, you can’t go wrong with Microsoft Word! With all the familiar features and natural integration with OneDrive, Word can be a great tool for people who predominantly use Windows machines.

Putting Them All Together

Once you have all three, writing on the go becomes very easy. Connect the phone to the Bluetooth keyboard, then stand it up on the case that you got specifically for your phone’s model. Boot your chosen word processor, and suddenly you have a miniature writing device you can use to get work done on the go. Getting all three of these accessories puts less of a dent on your budget than getting a new phone or laptop, and it makes use of a device you already have, making it a great solution for a simple problem.

Mobile Writing on Mobile

If you find yourself needing to write long passages on your smartphone while you travel, a laptop or a phone with a physical keyboard can be of use; however, it’s a lot cheaper and convenient to instead convert your phone into a writing device instead!

Does this make mobile writing easier for you? Let us know below.

Image credit: Wireless keyboard, smartphone with blank screen, pen and stickers on dark background by MakcouD/Shutterstock

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