Do You Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Payment System?

It seems like technology is trying to make it so that we rely on our smartphones for everything. It seems every time we turn around there’s a new service that our phones can provide. One of the more interesting services is that you can use your phone to pay for things when you’re out and about. Do you use your smartphone as a mobile payment system?

There are a number of services that can handle mobile payments. The main ones are, of course, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. With Apply Pay, you only need to hold your iPhone near a reader with your finder on the Touch ID. A vibration and beep lets you know the payment was successfully sent. It also works within apps. Google Wallet works by simply tapping the app. Payment can either come form your Wallet Balance or can be made through a credit or debit card. Of course, not all stores accept mobile payments. You need to make sure the store accepts contactless payments. There’s also the trust factor at hand here. It’s hard to trust your money to untraditional means. While there’s no doubt paying with your smartphone is really handy, there are also those risks that come along with it.

Are the risks worth it? Is it worth chancing it as you are reasonably sure it will be safe? Does it bother you that you can’t use it all over and can only use it at certain stores or are you willing to take what you can get for the convenience of paying from your smartphone?

Do you use your smartphone as a mobile payment system?

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  1. Some options missing, I will never use this, because I’m really not interested in this and I see no benefits.

    If sooner or later we are forced to own smart/spy/phones that’s a very creepy idea.

  2. I agree with LeaveA, there is a “will not use, do not trust” option missing. The author assumes (wrongly) that EVERYONE is in love head over heels with smartphones and will do everything with them. Smartphones are too insecure and hackable to do anything serious with them other than make phone calls. As with all cell phones, the conversations can be very easily intercepted. Until the security is vastly improved, all mobile payment systems face a question of when, not if, they get compromised.

    CurrentC, the mobile payment system that Target and other stores are supporting and hope to use, has not been released for general use yet but it has been compromised already. Can simial systems (ApplePay) be far behind? The above news really inspires a feeling of trust. NOT!

  3. Must complete concur with the 2 previous commentors! WAY too dangerous and foolish, in my book. I have both an Anti-Virus and an Anti-Malware program, on my Smartphone, simply because it is an Android Phone and Hackers/Crackers are out there, trying their damnest to get my Identity and Financial information!!!

    I just do not think, that Smartphones are the end all, to all things. Yes, I do think, that Smartphones are an important part of daily living … However, it truly does amaze me, that today’s younger generation think that they can NOT LIVE, without a Smartphone!!! It really does seem to me, that mankind has done rather well without Smartphones, computers, calculators and the like, for literally millions and millions of years, so why does it become necessary to be the end all, to all things???

    Please, don’t tell me, that it’s the time and energy factor! The Pyramids have lasted over 3,000 years, built by ancient Egyptians … Smartphones last about what … 2 or 3 years??? Again, I will say that Smartphones are a very important part, of today’s society and as I stated earlier, I have one … But, I do know how to live without one. :)

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