How to Use Your Smartphone As A Microphone in Windows

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When you attend an online meeting, you just cannot do without improved audio quality. The speakers used in many Windows laptops typically don’t measure up. You can either use a conference-quality headphone with microphone or this neat trick with Equalizer APO, which greatly raises laptop volume.

There is another method that will give you even better results: using the powerful speakers of your Android or iPhone device.

We discuss two popular apps that reliably perform this switching: WO Mic and EZ Mic. Both of them use very similar methods, and we can extend the same techniques to cover other apps in the marketplace.

Use WO Mic on PC

WO Mic is a leading third-party microphone system, which is absolutely free to use on Windows systems. However, there are a few advertisements on the mobile apps which aren’t very intrusive. You can get rid of those ads with a cheap subscription. WO Mic is already being used by millions of users, and you will get good results while using it for your PC microphone.

1. Download WO Mic App to Phone

Firstly, you need to download the app and install it on your phone. WO Mic supports both Android and iPhone devices. It has a simple homescreen where you have to hit the “Play” button to use the smartphone speakers on Windows PC.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Homescreen

Go to the Settings icon to select the transport mode: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, or Bluetooth. Your client device (laptop) and phone should have the same transport connectivity.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Transport

2. Install WO Mic Client and Driver on Windows PC

On Windows PC, you need to install two separate components: WO Mic Client and drivers. Here we showcase the installation of each one of them.

You can download the WO Mic Client from this link. There will be a “Please select a language option,” followed by the WO Mic Client Setup screen shown below.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Setup

Next, choose the components you want to install. While a Desktop shortcut can be useful, it’s better to disable auto-launch when the system starts.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Components

The WO Mic Client installation is over in a jiffy, and you should see a completion status message.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Completed

Next, install WO Mic drivers from this link. Once downloaded, you get a choice of component drivers specific to your system.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Driver Install

To know the system type of your PC, search for “system information” in the Windows search box. This will tell you whether your system is x64 or x86.

Smartphone Microphone Windows System Info X64
System Type

The installation of WO Mic drivers is very fast. You will see a completion message once it’s over.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Driver Update
WO Mic Installed

3. Connect WO Mic Phone App with WO Mic on Windows PC

In the next stage, you will be able to connect the WO Mic phone app with WO Mic client on Windows. Open the client on your computer and click “Connect.”

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Connect Option

There are four connectivity choices: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB. If choosing Wi-Fi, the IP address shown should match the IP address generated in the phone app.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Details

Once you open the WO Mic app in Play mode, you can see the IP address. It has to be the same as WO Mic Client.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic App Started

The connection between the Windows client and app takes a few second over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Connecting

If you’re connecting via Bluetooth, make sure both the phone and the laptop device are discoverable on Bluetooth. Also, they should pair properly based on the Bluetooth ID and PIN numbers as shown here.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Usb Pairing

You will notice a “connection succeeded” message once the Windows laptop is paired with the iPhone or Android phone on Bluetooth.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Bluetooth Successful

The WO Mic Client will show a “connected” status when the two devices are connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic Client Connected
WO Mic Client Connected

You will also see a connected status in the WO Mic app.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Wo Mic App Connected

Once the smartphone speakers have been enabled for the Windows computer/laptop device, you can see the WO Mic enabled during an audio call.

Use EZ Mic on PC

Another service called EZ Mic achieves similar results. Again, you have to download a Windows installer and smartphone app, but no separate drivers are needed.

1. Download EZ Mic Windows Installer

You can download the Windows installer on the official site from a “Setup” menu on the homepage itself. During installation, you will have to find a destination for the program.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Ez Mic Destination
EZ Mic Destination

It takes just a few seconds for the installation to be over. Once you launch it, no GUI screen will come into view, but EZ Mic will show up in the System tray menu.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Ez Mic Client Finished
EZ Mic Client Finished

2. Download EZ Mic Phone App

Download and install the EZ Mic phone app for Android and iPhone respectively. After installation, go to the “Find” menu option to discover the device for pairing. The connections happen over the same local network (Wi-Fi) or USB.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Ez App Find

After you discover the Windows computer device by name, you can pair it. This will transfer the smartphone audio and microphone to the Windows laptop. The only downside of EZ Mic is that the free option to connect the devices only lasts for five minutes. After that, a full version has to be unlocked.

Smartphone Microphone Windows Ez Mic Connecting

Here we saw two reliable apps which transfer the microphone audio of a smartphone to a Windows laptop device. Many smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, OnePlus 9 Series, and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max have very loud speakers with crystal-clear audio quality. It’s quite easy to transfer that advantage to a Windows laptop. Do you have microphone issues in Windows 10? We have extensive troubleshooting for it.

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