How to Use Siri Shortcuts on Apple Watch

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Thanks to watchOS 7, the Shortcuts app is now finally available on a broad range of Apple Watch models. With that said, you can run your favorite shortcuts from your wrist instead of unlocking your iPhone. However, before you can do that, you need to learn how to use Siri shortcuts on your Apple Watch – and that’s what we teach you here.

How to Add Shortcuts to Your Apple Watch

Before you can use Siri shortcuts on your Apple Watch, you first need to transfer them from your iPhone or iPad. This is done via the Shortcuts app on any iOS or iPadOS device.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Shortcuts app. If you don’t use this app often and can’t find it, you can swipe down from a central portion of your device’s screen to activate the Spotlight search interface. Type in “Shortcuts” and launch the app by tapping on its icon.

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Iphone App

2. Make sure the “My Shortcuts” tab is active. (You can see that tab at the bottom of your device’s screen.) Select “All Shortcuts” to preview what’s on offer. Once you find the Siri shortcut you’d like to transfer to your smartwatch, tap the three-dot menu (in the top-right corner of the chosen shortcut’s icon).

3. Enter the chosen shortcut’s editor. Once again, tap the three-dot menu, this time found in the top-right corner of your device’s screen.

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Editing Shortcut On Iphone

4. To sync the chosen shortcut with your Apple Watch, tap the toggle next to “Show on Apple Watch.” Tap on Done to confirm your decision, then tap on Done again to save the changes you’ve made.

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Adding Shotcut To Smartwatch

After a few moments, the shortcut you’ve sent to your Apple Watch should be transferred. This happens over iCloud, so it shouldn’t take long before you can try this new option on your smartwatch.

How to Run Siri Shortcuts on Apple Watch

Now that you know how to add shortcuts to your smartwatch, let’s show you how to interact with them. Go through the following steps to run a shortcut on your Apple Watch.

1. On your smartwatch, press the Digital Crown (on the right-hand side). You will enter the Apps screen, showing you either a grid or a list of your apps. Find the Shortcuts app and tap on its icon.

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Activating Shortcut

2. You should now see a list of the available shortcuts on your Apple Watch. If you have multiple options available, you can use the Digital Crown to move up or down. Of course, you can do the same by swiping with your finger up or down.

3. To run a shortcut, tap on its icon. Your watch will now trigger the corresponding series of commands, and you should feel a gentle vibration on your wrist once done. That’s it!

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Running Shortcut On Watchos

Remember that some shortcuts can be very simple, and those usually don’t require any input. However, if you have a shortcut that requires some kind of input, you will see a dialog box on the screen of your watch.

How to Remove Shortcuts from Your Apple Watch

Once you start to use Siri shortcuts on your Apple Watch, we’re sure you’ll try a bunch of those. Some may not meet your needs or expectations, so it’s always good to know how to remove shortcuts from your Apple Watch. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, then tap on the “My Shortcuts” tab, and you should see several categories of shortcuts. Make sure to select the “Apple Watch” folder.

2. At this moment, you should see the shortcuts that are available on your Apple Watch. Begin by tapping on Select, visible in the top-right corner of your device’s screen.

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Section In Shortcut App On Iphone

3. Select the shortcut(s) you’d like to remove. As you select them, you should see a small checkmark indicating their status. Once you’ve selected the shortcuts you’d like to remove, tap on “Remove” at the bottom.

Siri Shortcuts Apple Watch Steps To Remove

4. Lastly, save your changes by tapping the Done button in the top-right corner. After a few seconds, the chosen shortcuts will disappear from your Apple Watch.


We hope that we’ve helped you learn how to use Siri shortcuts on your Apple Watch. If you’d like to keep exploring this topic, you can learn how to create Siri Shortcuts on your iPhone. You’ll also want to know how to install third-party shortcuts.

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