How to Use Siri on Your Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is far more than just a time-telling device. With its ability to place calls, create reminders and add calendar items, it’s more useful than it gets credit for. Here is how you can make good use of Siri on your Apple Watch.

What Siri Cannot Do

How To Use Siri Apple Watch Siri

Before we get into what Siri can do, it might be helpful to know all the things it cannot do. Most important to note is that all of the following features require Siri to be online. Unless you have the Apple Watch LTE variant, non-cellular Apple Watch owners need a phone nearby for Siri to function.

How to Enable and Access Siri

First things first, Siri needs to be enabled on your iPhone. To do that, head to “Settings -> Siri & Search.” Next, open the Settings on your Apple Watch and select the “My Watch” tab. You can also access this on the Watch app on the iPhone.

How To Use Siri Apple Watch Settings

Once you are in the My Watch tab, tap on “Siri.” Right below “Ask Siri,” you should enable all of the following options:

  • Listen for “Hey Siri”
  • Raise to Speak
  • Press Digital Crown

Once you have activated all three options, you can access Siri using whichever method works best for you. Of course, if you have several Apple devices around, saying “Hey Siri” could drive you crazy as every device activates. In those instances, pressing the Digital Crown is likely the smart move.

How to Get Siri to Make a Phone Call

With Siri’s help, performing this task on the iPhone is a breeze. All you have to do is activate Siri and specify who you want to call. The easiest phrase is to ask Siri to “Call [contact] at [home].” Home can be substituted for work, mobile, etc.

How to Send a Text Message

Sending a text message is the same process as making a phone call. Activate Siri and say: “Send [contact] a text.” You can also say “message.” Siri will allow you to see a preview of the message in the event it transcribes something improperly. You can then tell Siri to either “Send” or “Don’t Send.”

How to Set an Alarm/Timer

How To Use Siri Apple Watch Set Alarm

To set an alarm, you can say something as simple as “Set an alarm for 8:30 AM” or “Wake me up in 7 hours.” Alternatively, activate Siri and say: “Set a timer for 30 minutes.” If you want to stop the timer early, activate Siri and ask it to “Stop my timer.”

You can also combine the alarm with a reminder, like “Remind me to order dinner.” Alternatively, specify a date or time by saying: “Remind me to order dinner at 5:00 PM.” On the other hand, you can also ask Siri to show you all your current reminders by saying: “What are my reminders?

Receive Answers for Your Questions

How To Use Siri Apple Watch Ounces Gallon

Do you want to know what time it is in Los Angeles? Do you need to know how many ounces there are in a gallon? Just ask Siri.

How to Start a Workout

Starting a workout using Siri on the Apple Watch is far easier than actually motivating yourself to work out. Just say: “Hey Siri, start a [treadmill] workout.” In this case, you need to be somewhat specific with whatever workouts Siri has built-in. Alternatively, you can also tell Siri you want to go for a two-mile walk,; and it will begin tracking your workout. If you want to finish a workout early, just tell Siri “Finish my workout.”

How to Turn on Airplane Mode

How To Use Siri Apple Watch Airplane Mode

This is as easy as saying “Turn on airplane” mode. This will disable cellular and Wi-Fi connections as well as turn off all app notifications.

How to Get Directions

If you are lost or need specific directions, just activate Siri on your watch and say “Get directions to [location].” In the case where multiple locations are available {like Starbucks, for instance), it will list the locations closest to you. Pick whichever one you want to visit, and Siri will display directions on both your Apple Watch and iPhone.

How to Identify a Song

How To Use Siri Apple Watch Name That Song

With Shazam, you can easily identify any song by saying “What song is this?” Siri will then identify the song as well as give you a chance to add it to your library. Note that for this feature to work, your watch has to be on watchOS 6 or later.

How to Open Apps

One of the most underused but important aspects of Siri on the Apple Watch is the ability to open apps. Instead of fiddling through menus, launch Siri and say “Open the Weather app.” It works for just about every app, and if the app is not installed on your Watch, it will then trigger the app to open on your iPhone.

What Else Can Siri Do?

Siri’s capabilities on the Apple Watch go far deeper than most general users can imagine. To get a better sense of everything Siri can do, launch Siri and ask “What can you do.” Siri will then bring up a list of every action or app it can support, open, launch, etc. Tap on any of the items that come up in this list, and you will get examples to help get you started. This is the best way to learn just how much of a help Siri and Apple Watch can be in your everyday life.

Other than using Siri, do also check out other ways to make good use of your Apple Watch and how you can generate reports of your Apple Watch activity.

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