How to Use Screen Time in macOS Catalina

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Apple first introduced Screen Time to the iPhone and iPad lineup in iOS 12, allowing users to be more cautious about their device activity by allowing them to view statistics about the amount of time spent on their devices each day. Screen Time has now made its way to macOS with macOS Catalina, allowing Mac users to perform the same function on their laptops and desktops.

Screen Time offers the ability to track device usage on a per-app basis, which can be very helpful if you want to know which application you’re spending the most time on. Similarly, it also allows you to set app limits, downtime rules and more, very much like it does in iOS. In macOS, Screen Time has replaced Parental Controls, since the features have been integrated into Screen Time.

Below are the instruction showing how to set up Screen Time on your Mac and its related features:

1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Click on Screen Time.

Screen Time Macos System Preferences

3. Click on the Options button in the bottom-left corner.

4. Click on “Turn On.”

Screen Time Macos Turn On

That’s it. Screen Time will now automatically monitor and record your device usage statistics.

You can choose to monitor App Usage, Notifications and Pickups from the tabs on the left.

Screen Time Macos App Analysis

Using Downtime, you can choose to specify a specific time period during which a few allowed apps and phone calls will be available. This restriction will apply to all your synced iCloud devices with Screen Time enabled.

The allowed apps can be selected from the “Always Allowed” section.

Screen Time Macos Allowed Apps

App Limits will allow you to set a certain limit on the time a specific app is used. The app will be locked once the limit expires. This can be very useful in controlling your kids’ screen time or setting time limitations on games they play on your Mac.

Screen Time Macos App Limits

The Content & Privacy Restrictions section allows you to to restrict specific content, purchases and downloads on your Mac. Using the options listed, you can limit Web content, downloads and apps. You can also disable password and account changes among others.

Screen Time Macos Privacy

If you’d like to set a Screen Time password so that no other user can change your Screen Time settings, you can do so from the Options button. This will also allow you to extend time limitations for apps when they expire.

Screen Time can be used as a great tool to monitor your usage stats and make changes to your daily lifestyle based on the statistics presented. You can also set limitations on specific apps and content on your Mac if needed. Did you find Screen Time useful, and will you use it in the future? Share your views with us in the Comments section below!

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