How to Use Samsung Galaxy Watch without a Phone

Galaxy Watch Use Without Phone

In the past, when you bought a watch, you simply wore it, and it just worked. There was no need for a special setup procedure. Now, with a smartwatch, you have to connect it to the phone, set it up, install tons of apps and charge it to get it working. Luckily, Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a watch mode that allows you to use it without connecting it to a phone. Here is how to do it.

How Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch Work without a Phone?

Almost all smartwatches will work without a phone. Apps that don’t require an Internet connection will work fine without your phone. That includes the time, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and watch sensors for health tracking. What you will miss out on, though, is your phone notifications on the watch since it is not connected in the first place.

For the Galaxy Watch, if you connect it to a Internet connection (either via Wi-Fi or LTE on your watch) and sign in with your Samsung account, you can then download apps and content directly from the watch’s app store.

How to Set up and Use Your Samsung Galaxy Watch without a Phone

To get started, turn on your watch and follow these steps:

1. Tap on “Let’s go” on the first screen.

2. Scroll down on the screen and tap on the question mark.

Galaxy Watch Question Mark Setup

3. You will be taken to the Help screen. Scroll down and tap on the “here” link.

Galaxy Watch Help Screen

4. You’ll receive a notification asking whether you are sure you want to use your Galaxy Watch without a phone.

5. Scroll down on the same screen and tap on Continue. If you decide to connect to a phone instead, tap on “Restart.”

Galaxy Watch Connecting Without Phone

6. The Terms and Conditions screen will show up. Tap on “Agree.”

7. Another Terms and Conditions screen will appear. Scroll down and check the box next to “I have read and agree to all of the above,” then tap “Next.”

Galaxy Watch Terms And Conditions

8. You can sign in with your Samsung account if you want to, then set the time zone, date, and time.

Galaxy Watch Time

9. Create a PIN to easily restore data if you want to connect to a mobile device in the future.

Galaxy Watch Pin

That’s it. The watch will complete the setup process.

If you are already using your Galaxy Watch connected to your phone, you will have to reset it before you can set it up for use without a phone.

How to Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

1. Open Settings on your watch.

2. Go to “General” and tap on “Reset.”

3. You will be asked to back up your data. Tap on “Back up” and hit the “Reset” button.

Galaxy Watch Reset From Watch

4. Once the phone is reset, follow the steps above to set up the watch without a phone.

How to Install and Uninstall Apps on Galaxy Watch Without a Phone

To install apps without your phone, connect to a Wi-Fi network from your watch and log in to your Samsung account. Open the Galaxy Store app on your watch and look for the desired app. Tap on the Install button.

To uninstall apps, open the Apps screen on your watch. Here you will see all the installed apps on your watch. Touch and hold the downloaded app that you want to uninstall. Next, tap the “Uninstall” icon, then tap “OK” to confirm.

How to Connect Your Samsung Galaxy Watch to a Mobile Phone

In the future, if you decide to connect to a phone, Samsung offers an easy way to do this.

1. Open Settings on your Watch and scroll down to the bottom.

2. Tap on “Connect to a new phone” and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. You will have to enter the PIN you used while setting up your watch without a phone.

If you face any issues connecting a Galaxy Watch to a phone, there are various ways to fix this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make calls from my Galaxy watch without my phone

If you are using a Wi-Fi only watch, you cannot make calls from a watch without connecting it to your phone. In fact, you will not see the phone app on the watch. However, if you have an LTE model, you can make calls directly from the watch by going to the phone app on your watch. Input the number using Keypad and hit the green phone icon to make a call.

2. How do I update my Galaxy Watch without a phone?

You don’t need your phone to update your Galaxy Watch. Simply navigate to “Settings -> General -> Watch software update” to get the latest update. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Choosing between the LTE and LTE+Wi-Fi models is one of the key features you need to check while buying a smartwatch.

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