How To Use Pinterest Analytics For Your Business

You can use all the Pinterest tools available to make your boards stand out from the crowd but if you just set your content out there and forget about it, how will you know what’s working or if anyone is even viewing and repining your content? Measuring the success of your efforts is essential to the successful use of Pinterest for businesses and that’s where Pinterest Analytics come in. With the analytic tools featured here, you can gather as much or as little information as you need. Whether it’s for business use or personal use, you’ll be sure to know every detail about your Pinterest activity.

1. PinReach

To get started with PinReach, sign up on the registry page. There are three ways to sign in; Use your Twitter or Facebook account or if you prefer, use your email address. If you use a social site to connect, you’ll need to allow the app to access your account.


Simply enter the Pinterest username you want retrieve stats for. Don’t worry if you don’t know your username, the image will show you where to find it when you’re logged into Pinterest. Press “Create” to generate the analytics.


You’ll now be directed to a neat dashboard of your Pinterest analytics. The first section will be your “Pinterest Score History” which shows how many viewers were on your account and viewed your boards. I have been a long time Pinterest user so I’ve become an intermittent Pinterest user and as a result, you can see my view count is pretty low.


The next section shows your “Repin” counts and if you hover over the colored dot, it will display what the pin was and how many repins it has.


Similar to that is the “Popular Boards” section. It displays the most popular board repins and counts. If you hover over the column, you’ll see the board name and the repin total. The board shown here with over 4K repins is a Pinterest community board. This is a great example of the potential reach and growth that’s possible with having a community board.


In the “Boards” tab, you’ll see a summary view of all the major stats for the individual boards from most popular on down.


The “Pins” tab gives a beautiful display of the most popular pins with a color image and a repin count in the lower corner.


In the Influential followers tab, you’ll see who repins your content most along with how many times they repined it. Use this section as a good place to start recognizing or thanking people who spread your content.


2. Pinerly

Pinerly is a new analytics tool that is currently by invite only. To get an invite, you enter your email address to be put on the waiting list. The more people you share the Pinerly link with, the sooner you’ll get your invite. Once you receive access to Pinerly, follow the directions in the email to register your Pinterest account and gain access to the Pinerly dashboard.

Pinerly works differently than some of the other analytic tools; You need to create a Campaign to begin tracking your analytics. You do this the same way you create any pin by uploading an image either from a website or from a file.


Enter the URL and description then click “Pinerly It” to enable the click-through tracking. This isn’t creating an advertisement, it looks just like any other pin with the added ability to easily track click-throughs, repins, and likes.


The “Pinalytics” tab will show you real time information and compare your campaigns against each other. The comparison is helpful to see if a campaign has little or no clicks. If so, you can make adjustments to the images, description, time, and board it was posted to until you achieve your goal for that campaign.


The “Suggested” pins tab is excellent for finding new and creative pins direct from the dashboard. There are 7 categories to choose from with new pins added to each regularly. Pinning new content from various sources will help your Pinfluence scores increase and keep your visitors engaged.


The “Follow” tab features a place to follow interesting pinners from 19 different categories! You’re sure to make some great connections and find some great new content to share on your boards! P.S. I told you Pinterest isn’t just for women!


Future features of this platform are set to include scheduling your pins so you can post at peak hours automatically, not just when you have time. Pinerly is a great source for analytics and so much more!

You now have some great tools and ideas for using them to your business advantage, so head over to the links and see which analytics tool will best fit your style and start measuring your Pinterest success. Do you use Pinerly or Pinreach? Tell us about your experience!

Jessica Prouty

Jessica is a Support Technician for Cytanium Hosting who loves to teach people how to use modern technology to be more productive and organized. Simple tips, tricks and tools can make anyone computer savvy! You can follow her on Twitter @learningrl or visit her blog at

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