How to Use the Ping Command to See the Status of a Site

There are various commands you can use with the command prompt. You’ll obviously need to be very careful as to what commands you’re going to use since you could end up doing more harm than good.

With the ping command you can certify if a device is online or not. You can also analyze the speed of your computer and the site you’re trying to contact. For example, if you want to ping a site, you’ll only need the site’s address. If you want to ping a device, you’ll need to use the device’s IP address.

How to Ping a Website on Windows

To ping a website you’ll need to type the word “ping” followed by the website, such as ping What this command is going to do is send a 32-byte message. This message is going to be sent in four sections.

If you want to send a steady ping on your Windows computer, you can use the ping -t command. This option is going to ping the site until you interrupt the connection by using Ctrl + C.

After entering the command, you’ll get s series of words accompanied by numbers. For example, you’ll see the word “Time” which basically means the time it took your command to get a response from either the site or the device.


A term related to the time with the Ping command is “Low Ping.” This means that the response time with the computer was very fast. It’s no surprise that this is something gamers are always looking for.

To the right of the time column, you’ll also see “TTL” That means Time to Live. This is going to tell you the number of networks the message you sent went through to reach its target.

To see how strong the connection is, you’ll need to look at the “Ping Stats.” That includes the “Packets” portions of info that are sent when you use the Ping command. You’ll know that everything is okay if the packets that are sent and received show the same number. If the command prompt shows you something other than those identical numbers, that means something is wrong.


The Round Trip term is the minimum, maximum, and average time that it took for the ping request to be completed. If all is good, there shouldn’t be much of a difference between the three. If you see a big difference, that means that the connection is not very reliable.

Not All Ping Requests Will Succeed

Don’t be surprised if the ping request you send doesn’t go through. This will happen if the site is set up to block ping requests or if you have entered the web address wrong. When you enter the web address, make sure to leave out the “https:” part, such as “”

Some common culprits are that your Internet connection is not working correctly or that the site you’re trying to reach is offline. A site you can use to see if a site is working properly is Is it Down Right Now?. This site will not only let you know if the site is down, but it will also give you stats like response time, last time down, and status history.



The Ping command or Packet InterNet Groper is used to check for network errors. The command also includes more complex commands, but it’s all going to depend on what you want to do exactly.

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