Do You Use Location Tracking on Your Smartphone? [Poll]

Location tracking can be an integral part of the smartphone experience, but not everyone is enthused with having their location tracked and broadcasted. What about you? Do you use location tracking on your smartphone?

Most smartphones have the ability to do location tracking, and you can usually opt in or not. If you opt in, the phone will track where you are at all times. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it works along with apps that can help you get information and even help find your phone. If your phone gets lost, you can sign in to a service on another device and find where your phone is. Different apps can give you suggestions for map directions, where to go for dinner, where the closest electronics store is, etc. The disadvantage is a big one. With the information so easily obtainable to these different services that can help you, it could also be easily obtainable by services that could hurt you. You could be leaving yourself vulnerable.

Everyone has different opinions on this matter. Do you only see the advantages of using location tracking? Or are you focused on the disadvantages of using it? Do you use location tracking on your smartphone?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. I’ve owned smartphones since before Android became a thing. I refuse to use geolocation and I make sure it is off all the time. I had only used location service twice. Once when I was driving to a summer resort and needed a navigator to get there. Second was when I went to Korea last month on vacation. I used location service to figure out where I was and messaged my location to my family (so they’d know where to find my body if I disappear for too long).

  2. The only real way to avoid/disable location tracking is to never power your phone on, disabling it and thinking you can’t be tracked is like carrying a blanket thinking you’re protected from the worlds bad things. If you don’t understand how a cell phone can be tracked sans the magic check mark on the location tracking box then you should not be using a cell phone or if you don’t want to be tracked don’t use it and pay only in cash.

    It gives one a warm feeling when a supposed tech site asks questions they don’t have a clue the world of tech has been talking about for over a year… maketechdumb(er)…

    1. This poll is about whether people are using the geolocation feature on their phone, and not about whether the phone can be tracked or not. I guess you got the context wrong. And one more thing, isn’t the innovation in
      technology suppose to make things easier to use, or “dumber” in your sense…so is there anything wrong in “make tech dumber”?

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