Use Linux Applications On Windows, Without Having to Install Linux

It is a known fact that the Linux community has been trying to woo Windows users to convert to the open-source operating system: The latest version of Ubuntu comes with a Wubi installer that allows you to try Hardy Heron in Windows (without physically install it), andLinux allows you to use Linux applications and now came Ulteo Virtual Desktop that enable you to use Linux application just like a native Windows app.

Ulteo first begins as a developer of online desktop where its users can access a full KDE desktop on the Web. Using the same suite of its online desktop applications, it further develop the virtual desktop that integrates the Linux applications into Windows, so that Windows users can use Linux application without having to install Linux in their system.

The virtual desktop installer file is 500MB in size and it packs a range of applications including Firefox browser (with Flash and Java enabled), full OpenOffice suite, KPDF for viewing of PDF document, Kopete for instant messagin, Skype for IP call, Thunderbird email client, GIMP as Photoshop alternative, Amarok as music player and many other applications. If that is not enough, you can also add more Linux applications (Ulteo call it “application balls“) via the panel.

ulteo virtual desktop

There have been plenty of efforts by the Linux community in introducing the Linux World to Windows users and Ulteo has done a great job in this arena. For those who wanted to try Linux, but afraid of venturing into the unknown land, Ulteo can be the software for you to try out Linux without any risk of damaging your system.

Ulteo Virtual Desktop


  1. Isn’t this backwards :) Windows apps should be run on Linux only when there is no alternative.

    1. There are tons of great open source software for Linux and most of the time, there is no need to install Windows app on Linux. Installing Linux apps on Windows is just a way for Windows users to try out Linux without going through the complication of formating and reinstalling Linux.

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