Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate the Start Screen [Windows 8]

The good thing about the Windows 8’s Modern interface is that you can pin your favorite apps to the Start screen. However, if you pinned too many apps to the screen, navigating them can be a chore.

On a tablet, you can move around in the Start screen by swiping left/right. On the desktop, you can use the mouse wheel or keyboard shortcut to navigate the screen.

Keyboard shortcuts

“Home” button – Move to the start of the Start screen

“End” button – Move to the end of the Start screen

Arrows (Left/Right/Up/Down) buttons – Moving from tile to tile.

Windows + Tab button – Reveal thumbnail of running apps on the left sidebar.

Ctrl+plus (+) or Ctrl+minus (-) – Zoom in or out the pinned apps in the Start screen.

Refer to our Windows 8 cheatsheet for more keyboard shortcut

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