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Transferring files isn’t the laborious task it used to be. Emails were burdened with small attachment size limits, and many services charged money to host and transfer files much smaller than free services store today. Now online storage companies such as Dropbox, SugarSync, and SpiderOak have sprung up offering free online storage. Even older tech companies have entered the game, with Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive all competing to host and manage your data. But if you just want a single file transfer without having to go through the fuss of creating an account, you still have choices. JustBeamIt is one such choice.

Getting Started

JustBeamIt is a direct P2P file transfer tool that advertises itself as “file transfer made easy.” Pay the JustBeamIt website a visit and see for yourself. The service invites you to drag a file into the window to get started. If you prefer to manually select the single file transfer, click on the parachute to open a file selection dialog.

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After you have dragged or selected a file to upload, the item will appear inside JustBeamIt. Since I am a big fan of minimalist footwear, I have selected a barefoot running guide to share with people. All I have to do is press the green “Create link” button to create a link I can share via email, instant messaging, or however I so desire.

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The link that JustBeamIt generates is short, making it easy to fit inside a tweet or text message. Note that JustBeamIt is not a file hosting service, so you cannot share a link with more than one person. After it has been accessed once and the file has been successfully downloaded, the link will stop working.

JustBeamIt Link File

JustBeamIt also provides a handy QR code that you can access from its location tucked away in the middle of the screen. This makes the service a great way to transfer files from your computer to your smartphone without having to dig for cords. There is also an Android app available if QR codes just aren’t your thing. Regardless of how you choose to share your file, don’t waste too much time. Links do time out after a while. Granted, the process is so simple that it isn’t too much hassle to start over.

JustBeamIt QR Code Timeout Message

Receiving a file through JustBeamIt is even easier than sending one. You do not have to be familiar with the service to download files successfully, making it a great tool for sending files to friends or family members who are still easily confused by computers. Just click on the file in the middle of the window to begin the download.

JustBeamIt Download File

You’re Done!

No seriously, that’s it. JustBeamIt makes single file transfer as simple as posting a status update. We at Make Tech Easier strive to help everyday users accomplish tasks on their computers more easily, and I’ve seen few services simplify computing as successfully as JustBeamIt. Transferring files is now so straightforward that even people who have only a minimal understanding of what a file is can send one successfully. If you remember how much of a chore transferring files used to be, share it with us in the comments below.

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