How to Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Hotspot

I have written a tutorial on how to tether your iPhone last year to be able to share your internet connection with other devices. The article was a quick rundown of two applications (TetherMe and MyWi) that you can use although I have never gone deeper enough.

I was able to get hold of a new Verizon iPhone 4 which comes with a built-in app (Personal Hotspot) you can use to share your internet connection. Basically, Personal Hotspot will turn your iPhone into a router that will share your iPhone’s internet connection with your other devices within range. With this app, it is almost painless to tether as you don’t have to install new apps nor jailbreak your iPhone. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Launch “Settings” app from your Springboard or Home Screen.

Step 2: Now look for “Personal Hotspot” which is visible enough for you to miss. Tap on that to open its settings pane.


This is the feature you can never find in iPhone 4 that runs on iOS 4.2 and lower.

Step 3: You simply have to toggle on Personal Hotspot switch to ON. If it is previously disabled, a window pops up asking you if you want to “Turn on Bluetooth” or “Wi-Fi and USB Only“.


Step 4: You will then be able to see the default password. If you want to change it for security purposes, tap on it and you will be brought to a new pane where you can easily change it. Just don’t forget to tap on “Done” button after.


Step 5: That’s it. Your iPhone will start transmitting signal that your other devices can easily connect to. One more thing, you will be able to know how many devices are connected to your iPhone by looking at the blue bar at the top of your screen; it indicates the number of devices connected.


How to Connect your Computers

With Personal Hotspot, you can easily create a smaller Wi-Fi hotspot in your home. Connecting PC/laptop is as easy as connecting to a wireless hotspot available in cafes, malls and almost other public places.

Step 1: You will be able to find a list of network services in your computer, choose iPhone.


Step 2: Enter the default password if you haven’t changed it yet. If you did, then use the one set in your iPhone.

How to Connect Using Bluetooth

Step 1: You must pair your iPhone and your computer first before you can use Bluetooth to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Step 2: When you select iPhone from Bluetooth menu, a passcode will be sent to your iPhone. It is the same passcode that you can see in your computer.


Step 3: After a few seconds, you will be connected to a hotspot.

Connecting other devices to your personal hotspot is made easy. However, you should know that Verizon charges you $20 to have 2GB bandwidth per month. It is not cheap, but it is not expensive either if you use it all the time.

Image credit: jyri


  1. When I first on the hotspot and it asked me if I wanted to use the USB card or Bluetooth and I hit USB only. Can I change it back to Bluetooth?

    1. Yes, shut off the hotspot, close out of settings then turn it back on. Worked for me!

  2. I have the Verizon Iphone 4s running the newest software and I dont have vpn, hotspot or carrier in my settings. How do I get it?

    1. with the verizon activate iphone I think you need to have the hotspot feature added to your plan in order to enable it on your phone. I could be wrong though.

      1. You need verizon to add the hotspot for you to be able to use it and its $20 a month

  3. Any idea how to force clear the connected users list? I’ve connected my computer to the iPhone hotspot, got dropped, connected again, and now it shows “2 connections”.  It’s been >10 min and I’m hoping there must be a way to refresh this without having to reboot the phone or clear reset network settings or something. 

  4. my laptop will not connect to my iphone 4s hoyspot. I have the tethering plan. the hotspot works with my neighbors ipad. any suggestions

  5. hi my iphone has the personal hotspot but it only comes up with via bluetooth or usb how can i get via wifi ? thank you 

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