What Are Instagram Nametags and How Do You Use Them?

When you think of nametags, you may think of those huge and embarrassing ones you wear at your high school reunion. Instagram Nametags are a lot better since you’re able to customize them.

Instagram’s Nametags can be personalized, can have your face added to them, and make it easier for others to follow you. Keep reading to find out the various ways to create and customize your Instagram Nametags.

What are Instagram Nametags?

Instagram Nametags are images you can create that make it easier for others to follow you. You won’t have to type anything to follow another account.

You don’t have to create a nametag since you already have one. To find your name tag, tap on the profile tab, and tap on the hamburger icon at the top-right.


Select the Nametag option (that will be the first one on the list), and your nametag will appear automatically. Since it’s going to be the first time you access your nametag, Instagram will guide you through the different nametags you can use.

How to Use Instagram Nametags

If you’ve followed the steps above, you’re currently looking at your Instagram Nametag. Now what? The nametag is what you’re going to show your friends and future follower’s so they can keep up with your postings. Share your nametag with everyone by tapping the “Share” icon at the top right.


What if you want to follow someone else? There is more than one way you can scan someone else’s nametag. For starters, you can tap on the “Scan a nametag” option right below your nametag.


After selecting the option, just use your camera’s phone to scan the nametag. You’ll see an option to view the profile. You can then decide if you want to follow the account.

You can also scan a Nametag you saved in your device’s gallery. Just tap on the Image icon in the top-right.


Additionally, you can scan a nametag by tapping on the “Search” tab, followed by the nametag option at the top-right.


Another way you can scan a nametag is by swiping right to access the camera while pointing the camera at a nametag and then long-pressing on the screen.

How to Personalize Your Instagram Nametag

Now that you found your Instagram Nametag and know how to use it, it’s time to give it your personal touch. You can either change the color of your nametag, add emojis, or add a selfie. To change either the color or the emojis of your nametag, choose which option you want to change by selecting the radio button at the top as it changes from Color to Emoji to Selfie. Tap anywhere on the screen to make changes to any of those options.


For the colors, it will continue to change until you stop tapping on the screen. Similarly, tap the screen and swipe until you find the emoji you want to add.


For the selfie nametag, keep tapping until you have the design you want. For the design that will surround your selfie, you can choose between a unicorn,  various glasses, hearts, and a mustache.


It is obvious that Instagram copied this feature from Snapchat, but there are no complaints here. It’s a great feature to have around, and hopefully this is the beginning of more great features to come. Are you happy with Instagram Nametags? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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