How to Use iMessage Apps in iOS 10

In recent ad campaigns Apple has been pushing the new iMessage apps and stickers that are available for all iOS devices running iOS 10. Some are purely for entertainment to keep the transcript interesting, while others have a great deal of use. But how do you go about using them, and what are some good apps and sticker packs to get started with?

How to Get Started Using iMessage Apps

1. Launch iMessage from the home screen of your iOS device.


2. Tap a transcript.

3. Following that, tap the arrow.


4. Tap the App Store icon.


5. Tap the icon with four ovals to exit the current app.


6. Lastly, tap the “+” icon next to the array of apps.


7. The iMessage App Store will now launch, and you can browse and purchase apps or sticker packs. Any added apps or sticker packs will appear in the previously viewed screen, where you can now scroll between pages as more and more are added.

Sticker Packs to Try

Comic Talk – Far superior to the everyday emoji, Comic Talk allows you to play your emotions loud. All of these stickers have a hand-drawn feel, and it truly is something that adds life to the average conversation.


Slicker – With a gif-like feel, characters with, again, a hand-drawn look perform various activities. There’s a character or phrase to fit every moment.


Halo Stickers – If you are a fan of the video game series, most definitely check out Halo Stickers. These stickers have a CGI-like design that feature various characters from the games. Everything from Chief to birthday grunts – it’s all there.


Apps to Try

Square Cash – Send money through iMessage. This app is perfect for quickly paying back a friend whole dollar amounts without even having to leave the transcript. For more detailed transactions or to receive funds, simply tap the “app” button to enter the full app. Square Cash works much like PayPal, a middleman for transactions from one bank account to another.


Starbucks Gifts – Choose a design and send a Starbucks gift card to friends and family through iMessage. It’s a perfect way to let that someone know you are thinking about them. With literally just a couple taps to choose design and value, your gift card message is on its way. The card associated with your Starbucks account will be charged. The recipient can now view the card through the transcript and add it to their Starbucks account.


Carrot Weather – Send a detailed weather report through the transcript with Carrot Weather. This app is absolutely perfect for any time you are trying to plan events or when you want a friend to be in the loop. The iMessage app itself is far more simplistic than its fully-fledged iOS counterpart, as it should be. With the iMessage app the only customizable setting is to change weather location— which is set to your current location as a default.


Game Pigeon – One of the more popular iMessage apps out there is Game Pigeon. With Game Pigeon you can choose a variety of mini games to play with friends through the transcript. Whether with friends in person or away, it is certainly a whole lot of fun. 8 ball, sea battle, basketball, cup pong, shuffleboard, chess, and tanks are amongst the options.



Set and done, iMessage apps and sticker packs are a great way to get stuff done and communicate in a new and exciting way.

Corbin Telligman
Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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