How to Use Google Assistant with Xbox One

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Forget Cortana, you can now use Google Assistant with your Xbox One. With Google Assistant integration, you can use your voice to control various aspects of your Xbox One console.

What Can I Do with Google Assistant on My Xbox One?

Microsoft has previously dabbled with voice controls in the past, mainly with the Kinect console add-on. That being said, it was fairly limited in terms of what it could do. Fortunately, with Google Assistant, voice-command capabilities have greatly improved. To get started, wake up your Google Assistant app or smart speaker by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.

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Compatible Devices

Google Assistant doesn’t run locally on your Xbox One console. In order for your Xbox One to receive voice commands, you must use an app or device with Google Assistant capabilities. Naturally, Google’s own line of smart speakers all feature Google Assistant. These speakers include the Google Home Mini, the Google Home and the Google Home Max. However, there are other smart speaker manufacturers that feature Google Assistant.

Google Smart Speakers

That being said, you don’t have to rush out and buy a smart speaker in order to use Google Assistant with your Xbox One console. You can use your mobile device by downloading the Google Assistant app for Android or iOS.

How to Set Up Google Assistant on Xbox One

Getting Google Assistant up and running on your Xbox One adds a ton of useful features. Thankfully, it is super easy to set up. Follow the instructions below to set up Google Assistant on your Xbox One console.

Sign in to Your Xbox One

In order to take advantage of Google Assistant on your Xbox One, you need to ensure that you are logged in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox One console. The Xbox One uses your Microsoft Account to activate digital licenses and various social features. If you don’t have it set to do so already, you’ll want to enable automatic sign-in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox One console.

Xbox One Sign In

Press the Xbox button on your controller. This will open the guide menu. If you have multiple profiles on your Xbox One console, select your profile and press the “A” button. Next, press the right bumper button to highlight the cog icon and press the “A” button to open the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, select “Account -> Sign-In, Security and Passkey.” Highlight “Instant Sign-In” and follow the prompts to enable Instant Sign-In on your Xbox One console.

Adding Your Xbox One Console to Your Google Home Family

1. On your Android or iOS device, fire up the Google Home app.

2. Tap on the “+” icon in the top left of the screen. This will open a new screen labeled “Add and manage.”

3. Underneath the “Add to home” subheading, tap on “Set Up Device.” This will bring you to the “Set up” screen.

4. Under the sub-heading that reads “Works with Google,” tap on the option labeled “Have something already set up.”

5. On the next screen, scroll through the list of options to find “Xbox” in the list of available services. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen and type “Xbox.”

Google Home Add

6. On the next screen, sign in with your Microsoft account. Make sure this is the same Microsoft asccount signed in to your Xbox One console.

7. Next, the app will list all of the consoles connected to your Microsoft account. Choose the one you want to control with Google Assistant and move it to a room in your house. This is particularly useful for keeping track of which Xbox you’re controlling if you have multiple consoles in your home.

8. Finally, tap “Done,” and you’re ready to use Google Assistant with your Xbox One console!

Commands for Controlling Xbox One

Note: depending on what command you want to issue to with your Xbox One console, you may have to say “tell Xbox to” or “ask Xbox to” after initiating Google Assistant by issuing the “Hey Google/Ok Google” wake command.

Turn on Xbox One

  • “Turn on my Xbox”
  • “Start my Xbox”
  • “Turn on”
  • “Xbox on”

Turn off Xbox One

  • “Turn off my Xbox”
  • “Xbox off”
  • “Turn off”

General Navigation

  • “Go home”
  • “Go back”
  • “Show/open menu”
  • “Show/open guide”
  • “Show/go to my friends list”
  • “Show/open notifications”

Capture Game Footage

  • “Take a screenshot”
  • “Broadcast”
  • “Stop broadcasting”
  • “Record that”
  • “Record the last (number) minutes”

Video Playback

  • “Pause”
  • “Play”
  • “Rewind”
  • “Fast forward”

TV Controls

  • “Watch/go to TV”
  • “Watch (channel name)”
  • “Volume up (number)”
  • “Volume down (number)”
  • “Mute”

There are a number of other voice commands that can be issued with your Xbox One console. To find out what other commands are available, simply ask your Xbox, “What can I say?

Does controlling your Xbox One console with your voice seem too much like a novelty? If so, you may be interested in connecting a keyboard and mouse to your Xbox One. Do you use your Google Assistant to control your Xbox One with your voice?

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