How to Use Google Assistant When Phone Is Locked

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Google Assistant can access a lot of information on your phone. This is why it is typically inaccessible when your phone is locked - you don't want others to use it to access your confidential data. However, with the recent update to the app, you can now access Google Assistant even if your phone is locked. Depending on how often you use it, this can potentially be a time-saver for your productivity. Let's see how you can set up and access Google Assistant when your phone is locked.

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Setting Up Google Assistant

With the 12.24 version of the app, you can receive the new standalone lock screen setting for Google Assistant. Earlier on, you would set up this function on the Personalization menu that is accessible in Settings.

With the updated version, go to "Popular Settings" and "All Settings." Other features you may see are Languages, Lock Screen, and Voice Match. Go to the Personalization toggle and ensure that "Personal Results" and "Lock Screen Personal Results" are turned on.

Googleassistant Lockpersonalsettings

When you're done setting this up, ensure that the language selected for your phone is supported by Google Assistant.

Setting Up Your Voice

After setting up the Google Assistant, you will receive a notification text giving you an option of getting hands-free assistance from the Assistant at the time your phone goes off. Similarly, a notification to terminate the setting by turning it off is displayed.

There is also a message that will ask if you want to get assistance in dealing with day-to-day important information, such as contacting people you know through texts or calls.

Next, you will be asked to turn on "Voice Match" in the Settings menu. After that, you are asked to say "OK Google" so that Google Assistant recognizes your voice.

Googleassistant Voicematchsettings

Click on "Yes, I'm in," which will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen. You will then get a menu that shows Google Assistant responses on the lock screen and a sub-menu. When you click on Assistant responses on the lock screen, it will allow Google Assistant to respond, even if the lock screen is activated.

The sub-menu, on the other hand, allows personal results activation without the voice command. From here, anytime you need to activate the virtual assistant, say “Ok Google,” followed by your request.

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Issues that May Come Up

Despite this process to open your Android phone, some issues may arise without unlocking your lock screen. When you have set up some unlocking security on your phone, such as Face ID, PIN, pattern, and such, this feature may be unable to get past that security screen. When this happens, use the security method you have in place.

It is not recommended to remove your security method. Instead, you can set up a delay timer that allows your phone to stay on for a while before it locks itself. It will ensure that your phone takes a while before it requires a security unlock to activate it; hence, allowing you to use Google Assistant.

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