Quick Tips: Use Your Two Gmail Addresses Efficiently

Chances are that you’re a user (or fan) of Google’s Gmail service. One thing you might not know is that for the same Google account, there are actually two different email addresses where you can be reached. Instead of creating two different Google accounts for different services, you can give out different email address for different services.

The two email address are your_username@googlemail.com and your_username@gmail.com. You probably know about the latter one and use it to correspond with your friends, colleagues, etc.; now you can use the alternative (@googlemail.com) for other uses.


As we said before, the main use of this feature would be to make more than one account on a particular site, yet having all notifications and correspondence sent to the same inbox. The thing is the @gmail.com and @googlemail.com addresses are two completely separate emails to any site, excluding Google.

Another useful way to incorporate this feature in your daily life is to separate work emails from other less important ones. For example, you could give out the @gmail.com address for any work-related purpose, and then have Gmail filter them out into a separate tag or such if you’d like.

You can then use the @googlemail.com address for everything else, creating a more organized environment which you’ll be able to deal with more efficiently.


We have to say, having two email address is a well-known fact amongst many Gmail hardcore enthusiasts, but if you didn’t know about this little trick, now is a good time to start taking advantage of it.

Note: If you need more email addresses for the same account, you can also use the “+” sign to add random text after your username.

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  1. You can also make use of the dots in the name. For example if you are john.doe@gmail.com, johndoe@gmail.com and even j.o.h.n.d.o.e@gmail.com also work for the same e-mail box (same for googlemail.com).

  2. I did not know the @ google mail option . I have used the other add on with symbols to categorize all facets of my box. The unbelievable time difference and ease factors are literally life changeing events. I really enjoy that maketecheasier consistently produces this type of info as opposed to other outlets consumed with product placement oriented info. Hats off to you maketecheasier for real news you can use!!!

  3. You may want to also note that most sites also consider the use of periods (.) to signify distinct email addresses, whereas Google ignores the period, allowing you to place them anywhere in the email and retain the same email address. That is useful for separating first and last names *and* creating one’s own taxonomy for tagging and separating work and personal life.

  4. interesting because imap address is the same for a single gmail account.
    If you use seamonkey suite mail client with gmail imap, the set up calls for imap.googlemail.com (and smtp.googlemail.com)… where most other clients use imap.gmail.com.
    they work for the same gmail account.

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