How to Use Firefox’s ScreenshotGo for Android

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A screenshot is a digital image of what is visible on a computer monitor, television, or other visual output device. You sometimes hear them referred to as a screen capture or a screengrab. People use screenshots for all kinds of reasons, but it can be challenging to find the screenshot later on. Mozilla has developed a solution to that problem.

ScreenshotGo is a screenshot-management tool that allows you to take, organize, search, and share text from screenshots on your phone. Even though Mozilla developed it, it is not related to their browser, so you don’t have to have the browser on your phone to use this app.

To get the app, install it from the Google Play store.

Screenshotgo Play Store

When you open the app, it will ask for permission to access your phone’s storage. It will only access the screenshot folder. It also needs your permission to display over other applications if you decide to use the Go button shortcut.

Screenshotgo Permissions

How it works

ScreenshotGo automatically picks up any screenshots you take on your device. After you record the image, there’s a message at the top asking you if you want to go into the app and sort the screenshot into a collection. You can disable this Ask to Sort option in the settings.

When you open the app, your five most recent screenshots are at the top along with a button to view all. Below that, there is a list of collections. Collections are folders for you to create groups of similar shots. The app comes with collection folders already made for shopping, news and articles, and chat history. You can create your own collections, too. When you open a collection, the screenshots will display in a three-column grid.

Sort screenshots into collections one at a time or tap and hold to select more than one. Tap the icon at the top of a folder with an arrow and choose the collection you want to use.

Screenshotgo Sort Screenshots

ScreenshotGo recognizes text, and you can search for any text you know is on a screenshot to find that image quickly. This comes in handy, especially if you are not sure when you took the screenshot.


The settings for ScreenshotGo give you three options you can control. The first you may want to do is turn off the ability of the app to send data to Mozilla.

Screenshotgo Settings

Next, you can decide if you want to use the Go button and the Ask to Sort message that appears. Any of these options can be easily changed.

Go button

The Go button on ScreenshotGo is a small blue button on top of your apps. With the Go button enabled, you just need to press that to take a screenshot instead of using the Power and Volume Down buttons. It will not show up on the screenshot. If you know that you will be taking multiple screenshots, it is easier and faster to have it available.

Screenshotgo Go Button

To use the Go button, you must enable it in Settings. You can turn it off there, too, if it bothers you.

Text recognition

ScreenshotGo supports offline text recognition, which converts text found in screenshots to text you can copy, save, and share.

To use the text recognition, open a screenshot and tap the greenish-blue button in the bottom-right corner.

Screenshotgo Text Button

The app finds and highlights all the text.

Screenshotgo Highlights Text

Tap on any text to see the transcription at the bottom.

Screenshotgo Show Transcription

If you want to see all the text in the shot, tap the three dots at the top. It displays all the text in the shot on a new screen. Select text to copy or share.

Screenshotgo All Text Transcribed

It would be nice if the app had options like a scrolling screenshot option, cropping to eliminate parts of the shot so you don’t have extra text that will clog up your search results. But even without these features, ScreenshotGo could help you keep your screenshots neatly organized and easier to find.

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