How to Use FaceTime In iPhone 4 Over a 3G Network

If you are an iPhone user, you must have known that jailbreak can bring thousands of possibilities to your gadget by unleashing its true power, functionality and efficiency. Perhaps, one of the reasons why others don’t want their iPhone jailbroken is because of warranty issue; jailbreak voids warranty of your device. But recent statistics show that 14% of the iPhone users have their gadget jailbroken. Most of those users are active in joining technical sites – like Make Tech Easier – to search for new innovations or how to make their gadgets even more useful. Well, if you have what it takes to become technologically happier, you should jailbreak your iPhone!

One thing you can enjoy when you have your iPhone 4 jailbroken is the capability to use FaceTime Video Calling even if you are using a 3G network. FaceTime is one of the coolest features of iPhone 4 which enables you to do video calls to your friends and families. However, you must be in a WiFi zone to be able to utilize such feature… but not anymore.

A Cydia app called My3G makes it possible for you to use apps which require WiFi connection to run even over a 3G network. So, you don’t have to find WiFi zones every time you use FaceTime video calling. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install and run My3G on your jailbroken iPhone 4.


Step 1. Launch Cydia from your iPhone’s springboard and tap on the “Sections” tab located at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2. Look for “System” and tap on it to open a list of system packages.¬† Then look for “My3G” and tap to open the package.


Step 3. There should be an “Install” button found on the upper-right of the screen, tap on it. You will, then, be asked to confirm your last action; just tap on the “Confirm” button to initiate the installation.


Step 4. Congratulations! Your My3G installation is done. Just tap on the “Reload Springboard” button located at the bottom. It is impossible to miss it because it’s large enough to catch your attention.


Running My3G

Upon the completion of the installation, the springboard will be refreshed and you will be able to see a new icon–My3G.

Step 1. Tap on My3G icon to launch the app. You will then be asked to sign in using your RockID. If you have one, then you are good to go and ready to tap on “Sign In” button. Otherwise, tap “Create New RockID” button.


Step 1.1. Creating a new RockID will not take a minute of your time. What you need is your Name, Email address and Password. Enter them into their respective fields and tap “Create New RockID” button if done. After which, you are ready to sign in using your newly created RockID.


Step 2. If you were able to log into My3G, you will be notified that the trial will expire in 9 days. Nonetheless, you can use the full functionality of this app even if you are under a trial period.


Step 3. Tap the “Home” button then open “Contacts” tab to select a contact who also uses FaceTime. Once you have selected the contact, simply tap on “FaceTime” button to start using FaceTime Video Calling over 3G network. Enjoy!


Don’t forget that the trial version will expire in 9 days. During this time, you can evaluate if you really need to use video calling with FaceTime. If so, then you have to purchase or pay for the app once trial expires; as of this writing, FaceTime costs $3.99. The price is all worth it if you really need to use this feature.


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