How to Use Different Live Tiles for Multiple Emails in Windows 8.1 Mail App


While most people check their emails using a web browser, the following cool trick could probably entice users to use the default Mail app in Windows 8. This will allow users to see the status of multiple email accounts live on the Start screen. For example, when you receive an email, you will have a peek at the sender and subject of the message in each registered email account as long as it’s in the Wide size preview. This tutorial includes two things: setting up or adding email accounts and configuring the Mail settings to pin the accounts as live tiles.

How to add an email account in Mail App

Adding an email account is quite tricky in the Windows 8 Mail app if you’re not familiar with how to navigate the Windows Charms. Here’s how to add a third party account or multiple accounts.

1. Launch the Mail app as you would normally do and activate the Charms. You can activate it by moving your mouse to the upper-right corner of the screen or by simply using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + C.


2. Once you see the Charms, click the Settings. Under Settings, click Accounts.


3. You will see your default Hotmail account; click “Add account” and choose the type you wish to add.


4. When connecting to the email service of your choice, you will be prompted to provide the authorizing access.


How to label, configure, and pin email accounts

Here’s how to label and set up the accounts.

1. When you see the box on the bottom-left corner, label the email account as you wish. (e.g. Gmail – Inbox) See screenshot below.


2. Click “Pin to Start” (you can also click the green button as shown above) and see how it goes.


3. Repeat steps 1 – 4 to add another email account.

4. Go to the Start menu and wait for awhile until the emails sync.


Note: Syncing may take some time. The Mail icon inside the tiles will only appear for a while. Alternatively, you can right click an empty space to show the pop-up menu of the Mail below the screen. Click “More” and then choose Sync.


You may also label and rename the other accounts and give them a more descriptive name. Under “Settings” go to the Account and click the account you want to edit. You may also change the settings in each account like the syncing option, automatic downloads of external images (toggle on or off), etc.


If your email notifications are on, you may turn them off and simply use the above live tiles trick to keep you posted on what’s in your mailbox. Keep in mind that the email notification, which pops up on the upper-right corner of the screen when you receive a message, is a different feature. You can turn the notification on or off as well under “PC Settings -> Notifications -> Turn off Mail app” which is under “Show notifications from these apps.”


And if you don’t feel like using this hack, you can remove the email accounts immediately, except for the default Hotmail account that is linked to your computer.

How about you? Would you consider using Windows 8 Mail app for long-term?

Maria Krisette Capati
Maria Krisette Capati

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