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Canva’s free drag-and-drop design tools have made photo editing a breeze. The same magical powers are now available for videos. The video-editing suite in Canva allows you to create a video from scratch or edit through an existing template. We are covering here how to use the Canva video editor on a desktop, but it is also available for mobile devices.

How to Find a Video Design Template

To begin editing videos in Canva, go to the Canva website and select the Video tab. There are various video design types based on aspect ratios, such as Facebook video, video message, collage, slideshow, and so on. Click on the preferred one to start.

Canva Video Editor Choose Design

Alternatively, you can use the top search bar to find the video design of your choice or open it directly from the video template gallery.

How to Add Video Templates

You will find templates from each category once you enter the video-editing suite. To view the existing pages or scenes from a template, click on it. You can add all of the pages by clicking on “Apply all” or add just one page by clicking on it.

Canva Video Editor Templates

How to Upload a Video

To add your own video to Canva, go to the “Uploads” tab and click on “Upload media.” Navigate to the video you want to add to Canva. Similarly, you can upload multiple videos.

Canva Video Editor Upload Video

Click on a video to add it as a regular element to the current page or scene. However, if you want it to be on a different page or to take up the entire scene/slide, drag the video to the bottom timeline. The latter step can be used to merge videos in Canva.

Canva Video Editor Add Video

Tip: you can also drag the video from your PC’s local storage directly onto Canva.

How to Record Yourself in Canva

In addition to adding videos, you can record yourself directly inside Canva. Go to the “Uploads” tab and click on “Record yourself.” Grant the necessary permissions and start recording your video. After recording, you can add the clip to the current video or use it in future videos.

Canva Video Editor Record Yourself

Change Order of Video Clips

Drag and move video clips on the timeline to reposition them. Alternatively, at the bottom, click the Grid view icon to see all of the clips in a grid format. Drag clips to re-arrange their order.

Canva Video Editor Grid View

How to Select a Video Clip

To select an entire scene, click on its preview in the timeline. Similarly, click on a video element on the canvas to select it.

How to Trim Video

You can trim a video in two ways in Canva. If you have added video as an element, click on the video to select it, then click on the Scissor icon at the top.

Canva Video Editor Trim Scissor

The video preview slider will appear at the top. Use the edges of the slider to trim the video. If you want the selection to be more specific, enter the video length manually in the first box that shows the video duration.

Canva Video Editor Trim

If you want to trim the entire scene, click on the scene in the timeline. Hover your mouse over the left or right edge of the clip until you see a double-sided arrow. Drag the video inwards using the arrow to trim the video from either edge.

Canva Video Editor Trim Video Timeline

How to Split Video

Canva allows you to cut videos into shorter segments so that you can edit them separately. To split a video, first select it from the timeline, then click on the position where you want the video to be split. The black bar should appear at the split position. Right-click the video and choose “Split” from the menu.

Canva Video Editor Split

How to Crop Video

Trimming shortens a video, whereas cropping alters its aspect ratio. To crop a video, first select it on the main canvas, then click the “Crop” button at the top.

Canva Video Editor Crop Button

Your video will be surrounded by a selection box. Crop the video by dragging one of the four corner edges inwards.

Canva Video Editor Crop

Tip: select a video and resize it using the selection box around it or drag it to change its position on the canvas.

How to Zoom in Canva

You can zoom the timeline in Canva to make it easier to split, trim, and perform other actions. Click on the Zoom icon next to the Zoom slider and use the slider to zoom in and out. If that zooms the main canvas, click the same button again. Now you will be able to zoom the timeline.

Canva Video Editor Zoom

How to Add Elements Like Videos, Photos, Graphics, Etc.

Just like the Canva photo editor, you can add a variety of elements to your video. These include photos, frames, icons, animated stickers, charts, shapes, graphics, etc. Click on an element to add it to the currently-selected clip.

Canva Video Editor Add Sticker

You can add free pre-licensed video footage too. Go to the “Elements” tab and click on the “Videos” filter at the top. Click on a video clip to add it to your video.

Canva Video Editor Add Elements

Tip: click on the Filter icon in the search bar and check the box next to “Animated” to find animated elements quickly.

How to Place a Video in a Frame

Videos, like photos, can be added to Canva frames. The video will conform to the shape of the frame. First, add the frame from the Elements tab, then drag the video onto the frame.

Canva Video Editor Frame

How to Animate Individual Items

You can animate individual or groups of elements in your videos to make them more appealing. Select the element and click on the “Animate” button. Choose the animation style from the Element animations section.

Canva Video Editor Animate

Similarly, you can animate multiple items at the same time. To begin, select all of them by dragging the mouse to include them all in the selection box. Then, to group them, click the “Group” button. When the elements are grouped, click on any of them and press the “Animate” button. Select an animation style.

Canva Video Editor Group Animation

How to Add and Animate Text

Text is very important in videos. Text can be added, customized, and animated in Canva. Select a style from the existing fonts or start from scratch by clicking on the “Text” tab. After adding text, select it and click the Animate button to animate it.

Canva Video Editor Add Text

Tip: if you don’t see the Animate button, look inside the three-dot icon on the font formatting menu bar.

How to Animate a Page

You can also animate the entire page or frame in Canva using the Page animations feature. Click on the page in the timeline to select it, then press the “Animate” button. Choose the animation style for the selected page.

Canva Video Editor Animate Page

Note: if an animation is already added to the element, text, or page, you will see the animation name instead of the Animate button and should click on that.

How to Add a Transition Effect

What’s a video editor if it doesn’t let you add a transition effect between clips? Fortunately, Canva offers the transition feature.

Click on the add (+) icon between the clips in the timeline, and press the “Add to transition” button. Select the transition style from the available effects.

Canva Video Editor Add Transition

How to Add Music to Videos

You can add your own soundtracks or use pre-licensed audio in Canva videos.

To add your own audio, go to “Uploads -> Audio.” Drag the audio to upload, then click it to add it to the video.

Canva Video Editor Add Audio

To find a stock audio file, go to the “Elements” tab followed by the “Audio” section. Click on an audio file to add it to the video timeline.

Canva Video Editor Add Audio Stock

Similarly, you can add multiple audio files to your video. You will find all of them in the timeline section. Here are some tips for audio files that can be performed from the timeline:

  • Drag the video’s side edges to change the duration of the audio.
  • Click on the audio file, then click the Volume icon at the top of the screen to change the volume of the audio.
  • Drag the audio files to reorder them in the timeline.

How to Delete a Video or Audio Clip

Select the required audio or video file in the timeline and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

How to Add a Watermark to Video

Once your video is ready, you can add a watermark to it. Either add text or upload a logo. For the latter, go to the “Uploads” section to add it. Drag it on the canvas. Resize it and put it at the desired position. Use the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste it to other pages.

How to Collaborate with Others

Canva allows you to collaborate with others to create amazing videos. Click the “Share” button and enter the email addresses of the people who will be able to view and edit your video design.

Canva Video Editor Collaborate

Tip: click the small arrow next to the Edit option to allow the viewer to only watch the video or to use it as a template.

How to Download Video in Canva

When your final video is ready, click on the Download button at the top. Choose the file type (MP4 is the preferred format for videos) and hit the “Download” button.

Canva Video Editor Download

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will users on the free plan have Canva watermarks on their videos?

Fortunately, no. Unless you use a paid element without a pro account, Canva does not add its own watermark to the videos.

2. Can you use videos and audios for free in Canva?

Yes, Canva’s gallery contains a large number of pre-licensed videos and audio. You should be able to use them without any problems.

Although you can upload your own video and music files to Canva, you must exercise caution when using them on other websites. For example, if you use someone else’s audio or video without permission, you may receive a copyright strike on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites. Check out the best websites for downloading royalty-free music.

Canva continues to be one of the best design tools for non-designers. If it’s not what you were looking for, read on to find out the best video editors for macOS and our review of VideoPro Vlogger.

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