How to Use Autofill on iPhone Like a Power User

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Whenever you have to fill out a registration form online, you are asked to add personal details like your name, address, email, phone number, etc. If you have to do it often, it can get tedious and troublesome very quickly. That’s what makes iOS’s autofill function so incredibly handy. If you have ever wanted to be an AutoFill power user, this guide has what you need to know to accomplish that. 

Enable AutoFill with Contact Info

To get started, you need to first enable AutoFill in your iOS settings.

1. Start by opening the Settings app and scrolling down until you find Safari.

2. Once you are in your Safari settings, click on AutoFill.

How To Use Autofill Iphone Getting Started

3. If AutoFill is not activated or turned on, you can do so by ensuring the toggle next to “Use Contact Info” is showing green.

4. To make sure the AutoFill information is accurate, tap on “My Info” and select your contact info. It’s important to note that your contact info should contain everything you need for AutoFill.

Updating Your Personal Info

Enabling AutoFill is super easy but really only works if the information is correct. To ensure that is the case, follow the next few steps: 

1. Open the “Contacts” app on your phone and tap on “Edit.”

How To Use Autofill Iphone Contact Info

2. Go through all of the available options and ensure everything you want to AutoFill is properly listed. This will include email, phone number, full name, home or work address, etc. Of course, you can have multiple addresses and multiple numbers available. As you AutoFill, you will be able to select which information to include. 

3. As soon as you have included everything you may want for AutoFill, tap on “Done” and exit out of your contacts. 

Adding a Credit Card

While you might think that AutoFill is mostly about names and home addresses, credit cards can be added as an option.  

1. Begin by opening up the Settings app on your iPhone and head to the Safari app.

2. As you open the settings for the Safari app, you will once again go back to AutoFill and locate “Credit Cards.”

How To Use Autofill Iphone Credit Card

3. Ensure that you can autofill credit cards by toggling the option on so it shows green.

4. If you want to add a card for the first time or edit existing cards, select “Saved Credit Cards” and access this menu by either entering your device passcode or allowing Face ID. 

5. Once you are in the saved menu, go ahead and make any changes including updated card numbers, expiration date, security code, etc. You can also add a description in the event you have multiple cards for different shopping needs. 

6. When you are done with all of your changes, tap on “Done” and exit out of the Safari settings menu. 

How to AutoFill Passwords

In the same way you are able to autofill your name, address and credit cards, you can do the same with passwords. Whether you use iCloud Keychain or third-party password managers like 1Password or LastPass, AutoFill can work for you. 

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and scroll until you hit “Passwords.” You will need to either enter your phone’s password or access this menu through FaceID or Touch ID. 

How To Use Autofill Iphone Passwords

2. Once you find “AutoFill Passwords” at the very top of the screen, tap on that. 

3. You now have the option of not only activating AutoFill Passwords by switching the toggle to on or green but also choosing what app(s) can utilize AutoFill. It’s okay to have more than one password manager available and active, as you can choose which one to use with AutoFill each time you need to enter a password. After one or two uses, it becomes a seamless process, whether you are autofilling passwords in apps or inside Safari or third-party browsers, like Chrome and Firefox.

Final Thoughts

Having set up each of the above options, you are now able to use AutoFill like a power user. There really aren’t any more tricks beyond what you have read above. AutoFill “just works” by automatically adding your name, address, phone number, etc. Should you ever want to disable it, you can go back into each of the above menu options and toggle the feature off.

If you prefer to use Google Chrome over Safari, check out the autofill guide for Chrome here.

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