How to Use the Apple Translate App in iOS 14

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Overlooked in favor of widgets, one of the best aspects of iOS 14 for Apple devices is the inclusion of the Translate app. Previously, users could ask Siri for translations, but that is a significantly more limited experience than an app dedicated to translating. While limited to only 11 languages for now, the app is incredibly easy to use and useful for anyone traveling or needing a quick translation. Here is how to use the Apple Translate app in iOS 14.

How to Change Languages

Currently, the translate app supports Arabic, Chinese (China mainland), English (U.S., U.K.), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

1. Open the translate app, and you will immediately see a home screen with two languages at the top.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Open App

2. Select either of the two languages at the top of the app. The left side will be the language you are speaking or writing, and on the right side is the language you want to translate to.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Select Language

3. If you do not manually make the selection, the bottom of the language selection screen offers “Automatic Detection,“ which will attempt to detect which language is being spoken.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Automatic Detection

How to Translate Speech

Apple calls it “advanced on-device intelligence,” but really it’s just translating spoken speech from one language to another. One major positive is that languages can be downloaded using the app and still be translated even without an Internet connection.

1. Launch the app and verify that the two languages at the top are correct. You can use the guide above to change the language.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Open App

2. Press and hold the microphone button and start speaking. Pause after finishing any statement or question, and the translation will be spoken out loud. It will also be displayed on the screen.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Play Voice

3.Translations should appear immediately and can either be read on screen or by clicking the “play” icon near the middle of the screen. Pressing that button will play the translation out loud.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Voice Translation

4. When translating a slightly longer phrase or sentence, turn the phone from portrait to landscape mode. You will gain some extra screen real estate this way.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Landscape

How to Translate Text

For all 11 languages, there are available keyboard options so that you don’t have to manually switch.

1. Similar to translating via voice, launch the app, and instead of speaking, start typing the text you want to translate.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Text Translation

2. As you begin to enter text, you can verify again the appropriate languages currently selected right above the keyboard. Finish your text entry and then click “go”.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Text Translation

3. As it does for translating via voice, the translated text will immediately appear on screen. Again, you have the option to hear the translation out loud as well via the “play” button near the middle of the screen.

Apple Translate App Ios14 Play Voice

Translate App Extras

Even as translations are the focal point of the Translate App, Apple did include a few notable extras:

  • An included dictionary is available so you can tap on any word in the translated language and see a definition.
  • Are there favorite translations that you will want to access later? You can save translations in the Favorites and quickly find them for use in the future.
  • It can be used fully offline, as all 11 languages are available for download. This can be incredibly useful for anyone traveling where there are international data-roaming charges.
  • After a translation is complete, turn the phone to the side and press the double-arrow button that takes the translation full screen. This enlarged text, better known as “attention mode,” can make it easier to read and/or get someone’s attention.

Wrapping Up

While Google Translate has long been the giant in this space, who wouldn’t love a dedicated app by Apple on iOS? With a simple and clean design, Apple’s translate app has everything you need to get going. Meanwhile, do also check out some of the best widgets for iOS 14.

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