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The introduction of iOS 14 added many new and exciting features to Apple’s operating system. Default apps, App Clips and the App Library are just a few of the great additions. App Library in particular is likely to be one of the most popular inclusions allowing users an entirely new way to organize their iPhones. With a few swipes to the left on the home screen, App Library’s new folder structure will help you rethink how you use and organize your phone. Let’s take a look at how to use this excellent new feature.

App Library Organization

Upon completing the installation of iOS 14, App Library is to the right of your last home screen. It doesn’t matter if you have one or ten home screens, it’s always to the right. What you need to know right away about App Library organization is that there is none. Better yet, there is no organization you can do. In fact, App Library automatically organizes all of your apps into folders in a variety of categories. You will find Utilities, Finance, Entertainment, Social, News, etc. based on the types of apps you have installed.

How To Use App Library App Library

When you look at the App Library, you will see a multitude of folders with four apps taking up a space in each folder. If that folder holds more than 4 apps, smaller icons appear in the bottom right of each folder, indicating what else is in the folder. Tap on those four apps, and the rest of the folder will open. Want to use one of the three or four visible apps? Just tap on them. If you want to delete any app in the App Library, long-press on the app, and find the Delete App option in the pop-up menu.

Searching App Library

How To Use App Library Search

If you cannot find an app in the App Library, Apple has a solution. Scroll to the top of the screen and find the search field. You can now either type in the name of the app and let Apple start populating based on your input or scroll alphabetically until you locate and open the app. This part of using the App Library could not be any easier.

Adding Apps to Your Home Screen

How To Use App Library App Add To Homescreen

Let’s say you have an app that is located in the App Library but want to move it to one of your existing home screens. This is another super simple step. Locate the app you want to move and hold on the app icon until you see the pop-up menu. Select “Add to Home Screen,” and that’s it. Note that adding any app from the App Library to your home screen does not remove it from the App Library. It’s always available on that screen.

Move Apps to App Library

How To Use App Library App Move To App Library

If your home screen starts to get a little disorganized and you want to clean things up, moving unused apps to the App Library makes a lot of sense. To do this, locate the app you wish to move on your home screen. Press and hold the icon until the pop-up menu appears and tap on “Remove App.” You are now shown a pop-up menu on your screen that will allow you to either delete the app or move it to the App Library. Select the latter option. The app will now be available in your App Library and no longer be on your home screen.

Removing Pages from Your Home Screen

How To Use App Library Remove Homescreens

Do you find yourself with too many pages full of apps that you don’t use but have yet to organize on your phone? To remove unwanted pages, start by holding down an empty space on your home screen until all of the icons on that page are jiggling. At the bottom of the screen are the “dots” which shows the current number of pages you are using. Tap on that button, and you are brought to an “Edit Pages” screen. Here, you can deselect one or multiple pages so they no longer appear on your home screen. Want to bring back those pages? Repeat the same steps and click on the page again so a check mark appears making it visible. No matter what’s on the pages you make invisible, all of the apps are available in your App Library.

Downloading Apps to App Library

How To Use App Library Download App Library

When you have your home screens set up exactly the way you want them, this new option is for you. Instead of downloading new apps or re-downloading old ones and having them appear on your home screen, you can download them right to the App Library. Head to “Settings -> Home Screen” and tap on “App Library Only”.

The App Library in iOS 14 is a positive step in terms of being able to personalize and customize your iPhone. You can also try out other features in iOS 14, like the Translate app or add captions to your photos and videos.

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