How to Upload and Listen to Your Personal Songs in YouTube

Youtube Music Library Site

YouTube is always looking for ways to make its website more user-friendly. To that end, they recently rolled out a new “YouTube Music’s cloud library” feature. With this feature you will be able to add songs and albums from your personal computer to your YouTube account and play them alongside the regular content that the site offers.

Keep in mind that this is still a relatively new feature, so it might take some time to roll out to your particular corner of the world.

How to upload your own songs to YouTube

There are two ways to upload personal files to YouTube. Both of them require you to have a YouTube account. You have to go to instead of the regular YouTube site. This is an exclusive music streaming service which is designed to track and cater to the kind of music you like to listen to online.

1. Go to and login to your Google/YouTube account.

Youtube Library Playlist Page

2. Open your computer files, and go to the folder which carries the music you wish to upload.

3. Select all your music files, and drag and drop them to the browser.

Youtube Library Upload Screen

The screen will change, and an upload icon will appear. Once the upload finishes, a confirmation message will appear. Depending on the number of music files you add, it may take some time for the upload process to complete.

4. Alternatively, you can click your profile picture and select the “Upload Music” option.

Youtube Library Upload

Choose the file you wish to upload from your computer, and it will be uploaded to the site.

Playing your personal songs

Once the music files have been uploaded, you can find them in the Library. You can play the song or add it to your playlist.

You can also give the files a thumbs-up to add the music to your “Liked” playlist of songs.

Youtube Library Liked Songs

YouTube has stated that adding your own music to your YouTube library will not affect the music recommended to you on the site. Also, the songs you upload will carry all the Youtube premium features, even if you are not subscribed to the service.

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