7 Reasons Why Users Should Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 8 is a disaster because of its all new Start Screen, forced touchscreen interface and the cumbersome and low-quality apps. Rectifying almost all the downsides of Windows 8 and including the good things of Windows 7, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10.

Unlike other previous versions, Microsoft actually took feedback from users to improve the features and visual aesthetics. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider upgrading to Windows 10.

1. Updated Start Menu and User Interface

For almost any Windows user the Start menu is one of the most used features. In Windows 8 Microsoft changed it completely. In Windows 10 the much-loved Start menu made a grand comeback encompassing the best of Windows 7 and 8. Even the Power button is right back in its rightful place – no more fiddling with hidden menus like in Windows 8.

The Start menu in Windows 10 has got two halves. The left side of the Start menu has the regular file explorer, most used apps and recently installed apps. On the right side you have the modern apps with live tiles. One of the best things about the Windows 10 Start menu is that it is highly customizable and yet easy to use.


In addition Microsoft updated the user interface with new icons, sounds, touch and mouse friendly icons, etc. All the modern apps are now windowed just like the regular apps. Moreover, Windows 10 has a shiny and actually useful notification center to deal with all the notifications and stuff.

2. Cortana

Microsoft officially introduced Cortana to Windows 10, a personal digital assistant for your PC. By default, Cortana will sit right next to the Start button, and you can invoke her just by saying “Hey, Cortana.” Of course, Cortana is a completely optional feature, and you need to specifically enable it to start using it.

With Cortana enabled, you can actually speak and get your computer to do things like turning your WiFi or Bluetooth on and off, searching for files and folders, interacting with the music player, taking quick notes, launching an application, etc.

Moreover, Cortana can show you location-based notifications and even keep track of your calendar and schedules. For instance, if you let Cortana know when you return home from work, it can show you traffic updates and other data automatically at a quick glance so that you can reschedule if necessary.

Finally, if you have the technical build installed, try asking Cortana “What’s the answer for Life, Universe and Everything?

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser in Windows 10, and it is built to compete with the major browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge is built from the ground up, and it is fast and user-friendly. Not only does it emphasize speed and minimal user-interface, it also has a variety of tools, including but not limited to the reading list, Cortana integration, reading mode, tools to annotate and share web pages, and more.


With its default “Bing” search engine, it can show you results instantly while you are still typing in the address bar. It’s helpful to know stuff like the weather forecast, traffic updates, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean Internet Explorer no longer exists; it is just tucked deep under.

4. DirectX 12

If you are a gamer, then DirectX 12 is one of the best things you will hear about Windows 10. In case you don’t know, DirectX 12 is a low-level graphics API which provides a better threading model than the previous DirectX 11 to improve graphic card and gaming performance while keeping the power consumption as low as possible.

One more good thing about DirectX 12 is that it gives game developers console-like deep control for refined tweaking. Moreover, you don’t actually need a graphics card to enjoy the full potential of DirectX 12 as it can be easily activated by the drivers.

If you are a gamer, upgrading to Windows 10 will surely improve your gaming experience.

5. Xbox Integration

With Windows 10 you can now stream your Xbox One games to your PC. If you are an Xbox One owner, you no longer have to sit before it to play your favorite game. Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the Xbox app, and once enabled, all you have to do is to plug your controller into your PC, and the games will start streaming over your local network.

The good thing about the Xbox app is that it comes with several Xbox features like friends, achievements, support to launch apps, etc. The lag in the stream entirely depends upon the strength of your home network. i.e. if you have a good and speedy home network then there shouldn’t be any noticeable lag in the streaming.

6. Continuum

Providing the same computing or user experience no matter what device you are using is what Continuum aims to achieve. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 no longer forces you to use the touch-screen. Instead, Continuum ensures that the operating system works flawlessly without any speed bumps regardless of device type or screen size.

Continuum allows Windows to adopt both the desktop and tablet devices on the fly and offers a natural, no-compromise and familiar user interface across the devices. Just look at the video shared above to see how awesome the Continuum feature is.

7. Windows 10 is Free

Over the past few months, there were several speculations that Windows 10 would be a subscription-based service. But that’s not what it is. Unlike all the upgrades we’ve seen over the years, Windows 10 is actually free for all the genuine Windows 7 and 8 users as long as you upgrade your system within one year from the launch date.

That being said, Windows 10 is free for many but not all. The Enterprise upgrades are not free, and the RTs will receive a stripped down version of Windows 10 as a part of the update program.


There is no denying that the new operating system brings several enhancements with speed, security and stability. Moreover, there is a wealth of new and compelling features like Snap Assist, Virtual Desktops, Cross Platform apps, improved security, new music service, continuous development of the operating system, etc.

These are my compelling reasons that make me upgrade to Windows 10. So, what do you think, do you want to upgrade to Windows 10?

Share your thoughts and experiences about the all-new Windows 10 using the comments form below.


  1. Windows 10 seems to be quite better in performance, however, the font in anything browser / internet related tends to be difficult to read and the Edge browser doesn’t function like a normal browser in the form of being able to drag and drop from and to the bookmark bar.

  2. Wait until the bugs are out, like after the first service pack… Oh wait, they are not issuing service packs any more. Oh well, I guess if you don’t want your computer talking back to you than Cortana is a no-go. If you have a desktop that is in one location, than I guess you don’t need all those location based options. If you don’t have an Xbox, you don’t need any Xbox integration. If you are already using a version of Chrome or Firefox, you can type a search term right in the address box, just like Edge, so I guess you don’t need Edge.
    Seems like there are very few reasons for people to upgrade, except for the fact that is “free.” And you know that people in a capitalist, or even an oligarchy like “free.” This is free as in beer, but not free as in speech, so it is a bit deceptive. I would expect no less from microsoft.

  3. Fkcu off with your Windows 10 force feeding, really no need it. V8.1 with Classic Shell and all apps deleted is perfect. No need for Windows Spy Version 10 with listening software personal assistant rubbish.

  4. None of these are the least bit compelling … maybe the “free” part, but continuing to use win7 Ultimate is also free, so that has no perceivable advantage.
    Other than Microsoft employees and reviewers, I can’t see why anyone would up-grade to win(pre)10.
    I am sick of articles trying to induce happy win7 users to go to a system they don’t want. Let it die the death it deserves.
    Unlike a previous respondent, I went to Apple (8 units). Win(H)8 and win(pre)10 are best advertising campaigns Apple never thought of.
    Vision-less boobs run MSFT; I see no reason to perpetuate winOS when implosion is its future. Companies and governments maybe confused, but real users are not. We are not going down that path; we’d rather switch than follow MSFT down the sewer. ©2015
    PS. Stop looking foolish by writing these useless pro-win10 articles. 10 ain’t going to happen.

  5. I downloaded windows 10 and I have had no problems with apps not working or screen freezes. I am very happy with what I have seen so far. I am hoping as they develop more into windows 10 it will even become that much better. Microsoft about time!

  6. ….and the million and one reasons not to: https://edri.org/microsofts-new-small-print-how-your-personal-data-abused/

    1. Here’s how to set up Win 10 and minimize Microsoft’s rape of your privacy:


      1. Minimise yes. Stop… unfortunately NO!

        All this spying has been coded at the lowest level possible, meaning it cannot be got rid of.

        Then again, why wouldn’t Micro$oft do this? Your data is valuable to them… very, very valuable… as in MEGABUCKS!

  7. It makes no sense to have text in bars, ribbons, and headers colored shades of gray rather than black. I have customers who refused to upgrade to Office 2013 because of this issue. No publisher would print a book with beige, gray, or blue paper and use gray ink for text color because the low contrast is tiring to read. So why does Microsoft think it is appropriate for their software?

  8. I haven’t heard if the system requirements changed from V7? Typically we can’t upgrade to the next version since it is more bloated and higher overhead, unless we upgrade hardware too?

    1. At least he did not mention the hackneyed “best and most secure Windows yet” which we have heard about every Windows version since Win 2.0.

  9. Does Windows 10 support Windows Media Player? I don’t want X-box. Will it be forced on me by Windows 10.

  10. Interesting all the anti Microsoft egg heads come out from under the sh?? heap. These guys should get a life. It’s fantastic to see an operating system evolving as any product should. Of course there is hype. It’s what any business does to sell its products: including Apple

    1. I like yor comment on those s.c. not W10 for me ppl.
      Why do thy read these pages if they don’t want it? because they want it but due to all the negative comments they made earlier they can’t say that now.
      Why bother teling us your shit if yoyu already gone over to Linux?

      I myself am going to wait some weeks and then start installation.
      My son already installed it and is having a good time with a better responding PC when playing GW2
      His Framerate has gone up from 30 to 60 just because of W10.

      1. Yes, we should all face Redmond 5 times a day, prostrate ourselves and sing hosannas to the Great Bill Gates and Microsoft all because the framerate went from 30 to 60.

  11. I’ve been here since the very beginning (IBM’s PC 1), and I’m still happy as a pig in shit with my XP Professional for all of my 6 offices and 24 desktops and laptops. Microsoft please note: older, fast moving, high level executives do NOT appreciate your reinventing the GD wheel every few years. This is my first “reply” to such a posting ever, and I assure you my last. Just thought you’d like to know, but down deep, I know you really don’t give a shit.

  12. A raw OS will be better. Give people the choice to install Cortana, Edge, etc….. For example; I personally only use Firefox because that’s is the browser I like most. I don’t have and never will Buy an XBox, so why would I require xbox integration. I don’t like the idea of using Cloud storage, I prefer multiple Local backups. I don’t need a personal assistant like Cortana because I am a hands on type of person. Basically I only install apps that I need and having multiple programs to do the same thing is unnecessary. At home I have 2 machines for gaming (win7 & Win8.1)and a machine for music production => Protools (win7). I run Windows on these machine because it’s better suited for what I want. But I also run a Linux Mint 17 machine which I use for Office work, internet browsing, printing and other basic tasks. So in essence I only use what I need and if the OS (no matter what it is) is up to the task and gives me options I will use it.

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