How to Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.1.1 on Ubuntu

How to Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.1.1 on Ubuntu / Elementary OS

Linux Kernel 4.1.1 was released earlier this week with a host of improvements and new features making it the most advanced and stable version of the 4.x LTS series.

Greg Kroah-Hartman, who released this latest version, recommended existing users of the 4.1 kernel series upgrade immediately. As the Linux Kernel 4.1.1 is an LTS version, every week a new version of Kernel 4.1.x will be released.

According to the change log, there are Brodwell-specific enhancements as well as support for ATOL FPrint fiscal printers. Also, an overflow warning with 32-bit binutils has been removed.

In addition, starting with the 4.x series, you do not have to reboot your system to update your Linux Kernel Version as a result of the implementation of the long-awaited Life Patching feature.

How to Install Linux Kernel 4.1.1

You can either download the source package from Softpedia and compile it yourself or run the following commands in your terminal to update to the latest version.

For 32-bit systems

Download the needed .deb files.

Install them.

For 64-bit Systems

Download the needed .deb files.

Install them.

You can check the current version of your Linux Kernel by typing the following command.


If you need to uninstall this version of the Linux Kernel from your system, run this command:

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