3 Unusual Android Launchers You Can Use to Make Your Phone More Fun

Custom Android launchers are a quick and easy way to alter your Android experience. Custom launchers often completely alter the way that you interact with your phone. In some cases they even implement new features. Unfortunately, there are a ton of after-market launchers available, making it difficult to find the diamonds in the rough.

Truth be told, a lot of launchers offer only slight variations on the standard Android experience. Many launchers rely on cosmetic overhauls to differentiate themselves from the rest. However, a vast majority of these launchers still look like an Android device. If you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, they can leave you wanting more.

Luckily, there are Android launchers available that are so drastically different, they’re bound to raise a few eyebrows. These unusual and unique launchers may not be for everyone, but they’re bound to spark a conversation if you’re bold enough to try them!

1. Ap 15

Ap 15 is a launcher that takes minimalism to a whole new level. This launcher places every app installed on your phone on the home screen. The big difference between this and virtually every other launcher is that it doesn’t use icons. Alternatively, each app is represented by its name in plain text. Over time, the more an app is used, the bigger the text becomes.


With Ap 15 there are no flashy animations or gimmicks. The only real customization offered by the launcher is changing your device’s wallpaper and the color of the text. So if you want to get as minimal as it gets, give this one a try.

2. Lens Launcher

Lens Launcher is certainly an eye catcher. However, at first glance it may be for the wrong reasons. Every single app installed on your device is crammed onto the home screen. The size of the app icons will depend on how many apps you have installed on your device. For those with lots of apps, icons can be shrunken down to mere specks on the screen. Some are so small you would need a magnifying glass to see them.


Fortunately, this is exactly how the Lens Launcher operates. By pressing and holding the screen, a zooming function is enabled, similar to a magnifying glass. This makes the app icons enlarge, making them easy to see. Granted, it’s a gimmick, but it’s a fun one.

3. T-UI

Many of the custom launchers on the market today are all about flash. In some cases it is definitely a case of style over substance. The T-UI launcher drastically overhauls the way your device looks and the method in which you interact with your device. Say goodbye to colorful icons. Say hello to a launcher that emulates a Linux-style command line interface.


The T-UI launcher certainly isn’t for everyone. It completely removes the graphical user interface and replaces it with the command line. In order to make a call or launch an app you must input a text command. This is a launcher designed for a very niche group. It has a rather steep learning curve, and it certainly isn’t built for speed. However, you will look like a hacker from the 90s whenever you use your phone.

Have you tried any of these unusual Android launchers? If so, what is your opinion of them? Do you know of any of unique Android launchers? Let us know in the comments!

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