Generate Unlimited Wallpapers with These 4 Android Apps

Generate Unlimited Wallpapers With These 4 Android Apps

Wallpapers keep your phone’s look fresh and attractive. However, there is always a limitation on how many wallpapers you can access using an app, and you might just have to use a single wallpaper twice. If you would like to look at a new wallpaper every day (or even every minute), then we have the solution for you.

You can download an Android app that will generate infinite wallpapers for you based on a specific pattern. If you like design or abstract art-based wallpapers, then you will surely love these apps. Below we have listed four Android apps that generate unlimited wallpapers.

Note: these apps generate wallpapers using a specific algorithm and don’t download any of the content, so you don’t need an Internet connection to generate and use new wallpapers.

1. Material Wallpapers: Infinite

If you are a fan of Google’s material design, then you will surely love Material Wallpapers. It is a material design-based app that will generate random material design wallpapers based on the words you provide. The app asks you to aDD your name and then generates material design wallpapers based on your name. Each generated wallpaper will have some reference to the name you have provided, such as the first letter being be shown big.


Although they ask for your name to generate wallpapers, it is not necessary to provide your name. In fact, the app generates wallpapers based on the words provided by you; your name just makes you feel better, which is why the app asks for your name. You can configure pattern style, color and even schedule wallpaper to change every minute! Furthermore, you can also check out some built-in wallpapers if you like.

2. Tapet – Infinite Wallpapers

Tapet does a wonderful job when it comes to generating random patterns. It follows a big list of patterns and then tweaks them randomly to give a new look every time. You can also customize each wallpaper yourself, like keep the color but change the pattern or vice versa. You can also like or dislike a pattern to let the app know what you like and offer pattern suggestions according to it.


With the free version you don’t have control over what patterns you can generate. You can opt for the Pro version to access all the patterns (including Pro pat terns) and easily use them as you’d like. The app can automatically change your phone’s wallpaper every minute or daily.

Tip: I am using Material Wallpapers and Tapet together and have configured them to generate a new wallpaper after every 5 minutes. This adds a great variation in the wallpapers generated. It might use more phone resources, but it’s worth it.

3. PolyGen – Create Polygon Art

If you like polygon art, then this is a must-have app. PolyGen will let you generate unlimited polygon art with different colors and patterns every time. A great thing about PolyGen is that it gives you options to manually create polygon art. You can easily customize polygon art shape, style, color and pattern and create your own polygon art-based wallpaper. You can also just create random wallpapers with a single tap and apply them.


PolyGen will also let you turn your saved photos or newly taken ones into polygon art and also edit it. I didn’t find any options to automatically create and apply wallpapers unlike the above apps, but it is a good app if you don’t mind manual intervention.

4. Wallpaper Generator

This is an all in one app that will let you select patterns from different categories to generate unlimited wallpapers. You can create wallpapers from categories such as material design, textures, transparent shapes and more. Wallpaper Generator also lets you completely edit the generated pattern, and I must say that it does a way better job than PolyGen. You can easily drag and scale contents of most of the patterns and also go in edit mode to completely change the wallpaper’s look and even add different effects to it.


Its automatic wallpapers and manual wallpapers both are very attractive with great customization options. Similar to PolyGen, it also doesn’t have any option to automatically replace wallpapers after a specified time.

Good To Know: the wallpapers generated by all of the above apps are automatically scaled to the size of your device’s screen, so you will always get the best results.


Above are some good apps to keep your phone’s look fresh every minute. I really liked the Material Wallpapers app, as it adds a personal touch to your wallpapers by generating wallpapers based on a cool word provided by you (like your nickname). Which one of these apps do you like? Do share with us in the comments below.

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