How to Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud Products from Windows 10 PC

Are you facing problems removing Adobe Creative Cloud products from your Windows 10 PC? If you find good alternatives to Adobe products, then you might not want to keep them in your PC anymore. For some unexplained reason, Windows 10 allows Adobe products to behave like a resilient malware family that refuse to leave. This is certainly not a good design.

Frustration in Removing Adobe Products

Adobe Creative Cloud products take up a lot of space inside your system. Even when you follow their recommended minimum guidelines (8 GB RAM, etc.), you might have to put up with the laptop fan whirring loudly. Also, it is frustrating to have so many background processes consume vital CPU and memory.

Adobe Background Processes Impact on CPU and Memory

It is also very difficult to remove Adobe Creative Cloud from auto-launching. Even when you disable Adobe Creative Cloud from “Startup Apps,” these products come back like a ghost on the next restart.

Adobe Creative Cloud in Start Menu

Although you can remove stubborn programs like these in safe mode, there should be easier alternatives. Trying to manually uninstall any Adobe Creative Commons product is impossible.

Adobe After Effects Failure to Uninstall

You can try uninstalling Adobe products with external cleanup utilities. I tried doing it with CleanMyPC. It has a multi-uninstaller option which does remove most stubborn programs. But not Adobe. Even when you try removing Adobe products one by one, you will get the following error message.

Trying to remove Adobe products with 3rd party applications

Easy Way Out – Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

Fortunately, Adobe has provided an easy way to get rid of their products permanently using a tool called Creative Cloud Cleaner. The download link, however, is slightly difficult to locate and took me a bit of Googling to get there. Unlike other Adobe products, this program is lightweight and should be up and running quickly. Once installed, you have to run the program as an administrator.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Run as Admin

As soon as the .exe file loads, you must first choose a language option. Choose “e” for English.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Language Selection

In the disclaimer box, enter y and proceed.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Disclaimer

It is at this stage that you can review the entire range of Adobe Creative Cloud products in one place. If you want to get rid of all of them, press 1. It is really that easy to permanently get rid of the entire Adobe family. All it takes is about five minutes and a fresh PC reboot.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Delete Products Option

However, if you want to retain specific Adobe products, such as Photoshop, you will have to delete individual products one by one. Enter 3 for Core Sync. Here, I entered 5 for removing After Effects.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Delete Specific Products After Effects

Press y to confirm, and very soon you will see the message that a specific Adobe program has been removed.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Delete Specific Products After Effects- Completed

Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud Products

We have some helpful articles which give freeware alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud products:

  • Use GIMP instead of Photoshop. You can even make it look like Photoshop.
  • Use Scribus instead of InDesign, Inkscape instead of Illustrator and Digicam instead of Lightroom. While this article is for Linux systems, all these Adobe alternatives can be used with Windows PC.
  • Foxit is one of the best alternative PDF readers that I recommend.

If you are looking for similar features and functionalities as Premiere Pro or After Effects, Final Cut Pro is a decent alternative.


There is little doubt that Adobe family products are some of the best in the design business. Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Illustrator, LightRoom, InCopy, InDesign have all made their mark due to rich features. However, once installed it is not easy to remove them without Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner.

What are your views on Adobe’s software design which allows the Creative Cloud products to practically take over Windows PC?

Sayak Boral
Sayak Boral

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