Unchecky – A Freeware to Avoid Installing Junkware in Windows

It’s an annoying fact that some Windows freeware is bundled with terrible toolbars and sneaky software that does nothing but harm your system or your personal data. The worst thing is that getting rid of this junkware or crapware is a pain in the neck. If you are always facing this junkware problem, Unchecky is a useful freeware that can help you avoid unwanted junkware installations.

What is Unchecky

For starters, Unchecky is a free, lightweight and standalone software which alerts and warns the user whenever a software installer is trying to install junkware by selecting the check boxes automatically. After downloading, you can install it like any other Windows software. Once installed, Unchecky runs silently in the background and watches for any unwanted crapware installs.


Unchecky is really simple in the way it works. Whenever you try to install a software, it follows through the installation process. When it finds a potentially unwanted offer or software, it warns users with a simple dialog box allowing them to decline those offers with a single click. In my testing, It worked well with almost all the modern software installers coming from Download.com, Sourceforge.net, Java, etc.


The other good thing about Unchecky is that it not only runs silently in the background, it will be updated automatically so that you will be up to date with the changing tactics of the installers. Moreover, Unchecky does not take up a lot of system resources and you can also suspend its services temporarily when needed. If you ever want to see how may junkware installs you have blocked using Unchecky, just launch it by searching in the Start menu. You will see the statistics up to the current date.


With all that said, Unchecky is still being developed and doesn’t work one-hundred percent of the time. This is mainly because software developers are coming up with different ways to install junkware in your system without it being detected, and this makes it difficult for Unchecky to detect all the different techniques used. For instance, Unchecky failed a couple of times in my testing. So, even though Unchecky lifts a major burden from your shoulders, always be wary of what you are installing. Also, because of the way Unchecky works, it may be flagged as malicious software by your antivirus program. If that happens, consider whitelisting it as it is a false positive.


All in all, prevention is better than cure. In this case, Unchecky does what it promises and well deserves praise. So if you want to avoid junkware installs and other headaches, do consider using Unchecky.

That’s all there is to do, and hopefully that helps. Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi is a tech and WordPress geek who enjoys writing how-to guides and messing with his computer and software in general. When not writing for MTE, he writes for he shares tips, tricks, and lifehacks on his own blog Stugon.

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