How to Unblock a Phone Number on iPhone

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Previously, we wrote about blocking a phone number on your iPhone. However, once you block someone from calling or texting you, that doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. Chances are that you’ve already changed you mind. Here’s how to unblock a phone number on iPhone.

Note: the following method works only if you’ve used iOS to block someone in the past. Many carriers around the world offer either a free or paid feature that allows you to prevent someone from contacting you. The only way to undo your decision, in that case, would be to contact your carrier once again.

1. Use the Phone App

If you’ve blocked a recent caller, chances are that you have their number in your “Recent Calls” list. In that case, go through the following steps: 

1. Launch the Phone app on your iPhone. Make sure you’re on the “Recent” tab (at the bottom of your phone’s screen).

2. Find either a number or contact name you’d like to unblock. Take a look at the right where you’ll see the blue-colored “i” icon. Tap on that icon to reveal additional settings. 

Unblock Phone Number Iphone Using Phone App

3. Scroll to the bottom of that screen, and you’ll see the option to unblock the selected contact. Tap on “Unblock this Caller.” There’s no need to confirm your decision.

In some instances, you can also unblock a phone number on your iPhone using the Contacts app (or on the Phone app by selecting the “Contacts” tab). In this case, pick a contact’s name and choose “Unblock this Caller.” 

2. Use the Settings App

Since you can block someone from calling or texting you via the Settings app, you can use that same method to unblock that contact. Do the following:

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll a bit down until you see the green Phone icon. Select it to reveal additional settings.

Unblock Phone Number Iphone Settings App

2. Tap on “Blocked Contacts.” If you’ve used this option to block someone, those contacts should now appear on the screen. 

3. You have two different ways to proceed right now. If you want to unblock a single contact, swipe (from the right side) across that contact’s name, then select the “Unblock” button on the right. 

Unblock Phone Number Iphone Settings App Swiping Gesture

4. If you want to unblock multiple contacts, select the “Edit” button (visible in the top-right corner). Tap the red circle on the left of each contact’s name to unblock them. That’s it!

Unblock Phone Number Iphone Settings App Manual Mode

Keep in mind that using the Settings app to unblock someone doesn’t have to apply to callers only. If you pick this method, know that your iPhone will remove the chosen contact from various “blocklists,” letting that person call, text, or email you once again.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned how to unblock a phone number on iPhone, we think you’ll also want to know how to record phone calls on your iPhone, as well as how to filter and block robocalls


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