Extend Your Knowledge of Robotics with the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle

Have you been wanting to learn more about the word of robotics? This is a great time to dip your toe in the water and test it out, as you can get the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle for one very low price. With this bundle you’ll actually be making robots, not just watching videos or reading about it, real hands-on experience. You’ll make your way through three courses in all, a $300 value.

The following three courses are included in this bundle.

Make an Arduino Robot – Through these fifty-seven lectures and eight hours of content, you’ll learn more about designing and building a simple wheeled robot.

  • Build an Arduino wheeled robot that can move towards a light source while avoiding obstacles
  • Work with mechanical parts such as motors, batteries, sensors, and other electronics
  • Learn while analyzing problems and designing solutions


Arduino Robotics with the mBot – In these thirty-nine lectures and five hours of content you’ll get introduced to the mBot, a friendly, educational robotics platform with build-in sensors and actuators.

  • Assemble your own mBot
  • Program your robot to follow a black line on the floor
  • Combine the sensors and actuators efficiently on the robot

Advanced Arduino Boards and Tools – This course, with seventy-two lectures and nine-and-a-half hours of content, will show you the more powerful alternatives to Arduino Uno and how to use them in your projects.

  • Discover advanced debugging and editing tools, cloud-based automation, and Arduino-PC collaboration
  • Get educated on Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Due, Arduino 101, Arduino Zero, and Arduino Galileo Gen 2
  • Learn about Atmego Studio, Atmega Atmel-ICE, Temboo, and Processing

Get lifetime access to all three courses at 90% off.

Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle

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