Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Android Development Bundle

It seems like every new career will cost you a lot of money to get the education and/or training that you need. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if you wnat to go into Android development.

With the Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Android Development Bundle, you literally pay what you want to for all the instruction you need to become an Android developer. If the price you choose beats the average price, you will unlock even more courses and get the entire bundle. If your price makes it onto the Leaderboard at any time during the sale, you will gain an entry into an exclusive giveaway. If you reach the top of the Leaderboard, you’ll gain five entries! So what’s stopping you from jumping right in and paying what you want to start a new career?

This bundle include the following six courses.

The Complete Android Developer Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced – With this course you’ll learn how to build and develop an Android app from the ground up. You’ll develop a basic workout app that includes exercise suggestions based on the user’s imput. You’ll get an excellent introduction to app development for the world’s most popular operating system, going over development aspects from user interfacing to database management. A $199 value.

Android: From Beginning to Paid Professional – By the time you’ve completed this 25-hour project-based course, you’ll be a ready-to-hire Android engineer. You’ll advance your skills in this course by developing a basic workout app that takes user input and suggests exercises. Development aspects from user interfacing to database management make a great intro into app development for the world’s most popular operating system, giving you a great foundation to work with. A $199 value.


How to Make a Freaking Android App –. Create apps for Android Marshmallow to learn all about app development. While Android Nougat is the newest version, meaning most developers are trying to leearn all about its features, Marshmallow is still a great tool to help novice developers learn the trade. This is an excellent first step no matter what you plan to do with your newfound skill. A $120 value.

Android App Development: Create a Streaming Spotify Clone Build a music-streaming app as a foray into Android app development. This course will give you a fast intro by showing you how to build a a music-streaming app similar to Spotify by using Java and Studio. Doing so will quickly teach you all the basic skills needed to lead you to a new career in app develpment. A $49 value.

The Complete Android and Java Developer Course: Build 21 Apps – Learn to build clones of apps such as WhatsApp and Diary to learn Android development skills even if you’ve never written one line of code before. The skills you learn by using Android Studio and Java coding will give you the background needed to be a professional Android developer. You’ll discover how to monetize apps using ads or the Google Play Store. In just five weeks you’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary. A $195 value.


Android Mobile Apps: Beginner to Published on Google Play – Learn the entire process behind Android app development to have a competitive advantage over other Android developers. From concept to publication, you’ll pick up the basics behind coding for Android and how to market your skills in his lucrative industry. With all this knowledge, you’ll be able to earn an income through building apps. A $99 value.

Choose your own price to get one or all of these courses!

Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Android Development Bundle

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