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Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Create Websites

Ucraft is a free website builder that also offers several premium plans. It’s designed for people who want a quick and easy way to create a professional-looking website without having to understand HTML, CSS, and more. It’s drag and drop, which is always a good thing.

The big questions are how easy is Ucraft to use and how does the final product look. That’s what this review has set out to discover.

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Ucraft Features

Ucraft is a multifunctional website builder. You can use it to create a standard website, an ecommerce site, a blog, or a combination. Obviously, the free plan does limit how much you can do, but I’ll cover more on the plans in just a moment.

Ucraft Review Website Builder

All websites are responsive to look great on mobile devices. Plus, the entire platform is drag and drop, so no coding experience is needed. The features are clearly laid out, so you know what to expect before starting. Some of the main features are mentioned below, but feel free to browse the full list:

  • Over 80 pre-made templates
  • Over 100 layouts to build your site
  • Add custom codes to further customize your site
  • Ecommerce with over 70 payment and shipping methods
  • Password protect sites for memberships
  • Create custom landing pages
  • Create your own logo
  • Multiple integrations with other services, such as Google Analytics, LiveChat, and Disqus
  • Create and assign layouts to specific locations, device types, groups of users, and more
  • Over 1 million royalty-free images for a more visually-appealing site
  • Add animation effects
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Multilingual site support
  • SEO, analytics, and marketing tools
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Hosting included with Google Cloud
  • Free domain name with premium plans
  • Over 2 million vector icons

One thing I was immediately impressed by is the website created by Ucraft looks modern and professional. It’s also incredibly easy to navigate.

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review

Plans and Pricing

Ucraft caters mainly to small and medium-sized brands. Their pricing reflects that with affordable options. You have four plans to choose from:

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Pricing

All plans include:

  • SSL security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Connecting a domain
  • Google Analytics
  • 24/7 support
  • Basic design elements/blocks
  • Visibility settings
  • Password protection

Free Website

As you may expect, the free plan is an extremely stripped-down offering. However, you can easily upgrade whenever you want. You can also connect an existing domain for free, which many free website builders don’t offer unless you upgrade to a premium plan or add-on.

Since it’s free, your site will have the Ucraft branding logo but no ads. Many free plans also have at least some ads, so this is another perk. There’s a 15-page limit. For a basic site that’s not selling anything, this is perfect.

The only thing I wish was included was a blogging element, but you have to upgrade to the Pro Website plan before you can access blogging. You can always add a newsletter sign-up and send short posts to your subscribers, though.

Premium Websites

If you’re mainly blogging without selling much, the Pro Website plan is a perfect fit. You’re limited to fifteen products, accepting payments only from Stripe and Paypal, and you don’t get the abandoned cart saver feature. Also, you don’t really get any of the ecommerce data management tools.

Ucraft Review Premium Websites

If you’re planning more of an ecommerce site, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro Shop or Unlimited plans. The main differences are the Pro Shop plan limits you to 1,000 products, one-gigabyte digital file size limit, and no Square POS integration.

Try Before You Buy

Ucraft offers something I absolutely love. You get to try before you buy with zero commitment. Get access to any premium plan for 14 days without a credit card. Simply create a basic account and sign up for the free trial. The following is from Ucraft’s FAQs:

Ucraft Review Free Trial Details

The only downside is you can’t really downgrade. So, if you’re using features of a premium plan and decide it’s not for you, you’ll need to recreate your site under the free plan. Premium sites go offline if you don’t pay, though.

Cancel the free trial and/or a paid subscription at any time. Disabling the auto-renewal option under Billing in your account stops your plan until you’re ready to re-subscribe.

Getting Started

Click “Get Started” on the home page to begin. The site I’m creating is a portfolio and resume site. This means I can use the free site without any issue.

Choosing a template is next. The categories make it easy to pick the right type of template. I chose personal for my site, but I did scroll through some of the other categories and the templates look clean and professional.

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Templates

When you hover over a template, you can check out a preview to see how it all works. I opted for the Olivia Brooks template.

The next step is to choose a sub-domain. The sub-domain is in the format “sitename.ucraft.site.” Change the name at any time or replace it with your own custom domain. Then, I just had to sign up for an account and verify my email address.

That’s when I ran into a little bit of a problem. I couldn’t create a website without signing up for a free 14-day trial. Instead of being taken to my free site to get started, I kept getting prompted without any way to skip it.

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Free Trial

I did figure out that this is because I chose a premium template (at least I think so since there wasn’t an explanation), though there wasn’t any indication of that in the template selection tool. However, by going to the Pricing page and clicking “Get Started” under the Free Website plan, I was able to create a free website without any push to try the free trial. The free trial didn’t ask for a credit card, though.

The free templates aren’t quite as feature-rich but are still professional. In my second attempt, I chose the David Yan template.

Building a Website

Building a website with Ucraft is surprisingly easy. Clicking on an element allows you to edit or delete it. You can also rearrange elements. The editor saves changes in real time. Plus, I could preview the entire site at any point. The toolbar to the left is easily accessible without being in the way.

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Toolbar

As a side note, I also tried out the free Logo Builder. You can use it without a site, but Logo is an element to add in the site builder. A PNG file is free, but the higher quality SVG file is $7. I need to work on the sizing, but otherwise, it’s not bad for free.

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Logo

Easily preview how your site will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Ucraft Free Website Builder Review Mobile

Final Thoughts

Ucraft’s an easy-to-use website builder. I’m still tweaking my site since there are so many options, even in the free version. However, once you’ve edited a few elements, the process works similarly for everything else. You can start quickly or take your time to really customize everything.

My only complaints are the push to sign up for a free trial, even if you’re not ready yet, and premium features aren’t clearly marked when signing up or using the editor (unless you hover over them first). In the dashboard part of the editor, premium features are marked, though.

Otherwise, it’s great for creating professional websites for personal and business sites. Try it yourself to create your own site using the Ucraft free website builder today.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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